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  1. Essentially - if you don't do what I think ought to be done, then something awful will happen. (oversimplification)
  2. The comparison is not appropriate. (oversimplification)
  3. Loaded words (in this case "useless") forces two arguments into one. (distortion)
  4. A follows B therefore A causes B. (oversimplification)
  5. Because a popular figure, an "expert" says it's true, it must be true. Beware also of such authoritative statements "statistics show..." (distortion)

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  1. Hasty or Sweeping GeneralizationJumping to conclusions from an insufficient sampling. (oversimplification)


  2. Circular Argument or Begging the QuestionDoesn't move from a premise to a conclusion. The main assertion isn't supported; it is just repeated. (distortion)


  3. You're Another (Tu Quoque)A way of deflecting a hostile charge by making a similar charge against he opponent. (distortion)


  4. Non SequiturAn attempt at being logical, but conclusion needs more than the given premise(s). (distortion)


  5. Red HerringAn irrelevant comment, sometimes made deliberately to distract attention. (distortion)


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