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  1. An attempt at being logical, but conclusion needs more than the given premise(s). (distortion)
  2. A way of deflecting a hostile charge by making a similar charge against he opponent. (distortion)
  3. Jumping to conclusions from an insufficient sampling. (oversimplification)
  4. A follows B therefore A causes B. (oversimplification)
  5. Doesn't move from a premise to a conclusion. The main assertion isn't supported; it is just repeated. (distortion)

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  1. Red HerringSuggesting only two alternatives, with no shades of grey. (oversimplification)


  2. Either/OrSuggesting only two alternatives, with no shades of grey. (oversimplification)


  3. False AnalogyThe comparison is not appropriate. (oversimplification)


  4. Appeal to AuthorityJust because it is a tradition it is right and good.This appeals to deep rooted emotional biases. (distortion)


  5. You prove it firstArguing that something is true just because someone hasn't proven it false. A way of deflecting the burden of the argument. (distortion)


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