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  1. inferior (inf)
  2. epigastric region
  3. bilateral
  4. parasagittal
  5. lumbar regions
  1. a to the right and left of the umbilical region, near the waist
  2. b pertaining to two sides
  3. c superior to the umbilical region, generally above the stomach
  4. d vertical field running through the body from front to back, dividing the body into unequal left and right sides.
  5. e pertaining to below

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  1. posteroanterior
  2. superior
  3. semi-sitting position with slight elevation of the knees.
  4. Right upper quadrant
  5. inferior

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  1. iliac regionsaround the navel (umbilicus)


  2. medi/omedial


  3. orthopnea positionsitting erect in a chair or sitting upright in bed supported by pillows behind the head and chest


  4. medtoward


  5. caudaltoward the tail (downward)


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