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  1. RLQ
  2. RUQ
  3. dorsal
  4. supine position
  5. medi/o
  1. a pertaining to the back
  2. b middle
  3. c right lower quadrant
  4. d lying on back, facing upward
  5. e Right upper quadrant

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  1. lateral
  2. lying on abdomen, facing downward
  3. area encompassing portions of the small and large intestines, the appendix, the right ureter, and the right ovary and uterine tube in women or the right spermatic duct in men.
  4. pertaining to the tail (similar to inferior)
  5. pertaining to the front

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  1. superior (sup)pertaining to above


  2. inferior (inf)pertaining to below


  3. posteriorback, behind


  4. caudadtoward the tail (downward)


  5. Frontal/coronal planevertical field passing through the body from side to side, dividing the body into anterior and posterior portions


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