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  1. caud/o
  2. midsagittal plane
  3. prone position
  4. PA
  5. posteroanterior (PA)
  1. a vertical field running through the body from front to back at the midline, dividing the body equally into right and left halves.
  2. b tail (downward)
  3. c lying on abdomen, facing downward
  4. d pertaining to the back and to the front
  5. e posteroanterior

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  1. semi-sitting position with slight elevation of the knees.
  2. pertaining to the middle
  3. toward
  4. lying on back with legs raised and feet in stirrups
  5. area encompassing the right lobe of the liver, the gall bladder, part of the pancreas, and portions of the small and large intestines

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  1. mediolateralpertaining to the belly (front)


  2. APtoward


  3. lattoward


  4. bilateralpertaining to two sides


  5. proxim/opertaining to near (to the point of attachment of a body part)


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