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  1. ventr/o
  2. PA
  3. ventral
  4. inf
  5. mediolateral
  1. a pertaining to the belly (front)
  2. b pertaining to the middle and to the side
  3. c inferior
  4. d posteroanterior
  5. e belly (front)

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  1. below
  2. head (upward)
  3. Right upper quadrant
  4. pertaining to a side
  5. pertaining to one side (only)

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  1. bitwo


  2. Anatomic PositionStanding erect, arms at the side, palms of the hands facing forward, and feet placed side by side.


  3. posteroanterior (PA)pertaining to the back and to the front


  4. inferior (inf)pertaining to below


  5. midsagittal planepertaining to the middle and to the side


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