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  1. ant
  2. medial (med)
  3. dist/o
  4. cephalad
  5. mediolateral
  1. a toward the head (upward)
  2. b pertaining to the middle
  3. c pertaining to the middle and to the side
  4. d away
  5. e anterior

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  1. vertical field running through the body from front to back, dividing the body into unequal left and right sides.
  2. around the navel (umbilicus)
  3. Right upper quadrant
  4. pertaining to above
  5. one

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  1. adanteroposterior


  2. supsuperior


  3. hypogastric regionto the right and left of the umbilical region, near the waist


  4. transversefront


  5. posteriorfront


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