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  1. revocation of edict of nantes
  2. war of austrian succession
  3. the great elector
  4. meritocracy
  5. James II
  1. a In October 1685, Louis XIV, the grandson of Henry IV, renounced the Edict and declared Protestantism illegal with the Edict of Fontainebleau. This act, commonly called the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, had very damaging results for France.
  2. b the belief that rulers should be chosen for their superior abilities and not because of their wealth or birth
  3. c the name given to Frederick William who was on the greatest Hohenzollerns. He reorganized the armies into one strong force and improved tax and encouraged agriculture, industry, and transportation
  4. d This was the Catholic king of England after Charles II that granted everyone religious freedom and even appointed Roman Catholics to positions in the army and government, King of England, Scotland, and Ireland (1685-1688). The last Stuart king to rule both England and Scotland, he was overthrown by his son-in-law William of Orange
  5. e Conflict caused by the rival claims for the dominions of the Habsburg family. Before the death of Charles VI, Holy Roman emperor and archduke of Austria, many of the European powers had guaranteed that Charles's daughter Maria Theresa would succeed him.

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  1. a powerful family of German nobles in control of Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, parts of eastern Europe, the Austrian Empire, and the Holy Roman Empire.
  2. In this bloodless revolution, the English Parliament and William and Mary agreed to overthrow James II for the sake of Protestantism. This led to a constitutional monarchy and the drafting of the English Bill of Rights.
  3. This was the war between France and Spain in order to unite the two states under one ruler, Phillip V
  4. or the Old Regime-the life and institutions of all prerevolutionary continental Europe.
    -England to Russia
  5. War where Austia, Russia and others joined forces to attack Prussia (who had support of eng), who were saved by Peter III's rise to power

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  1. oliver cromwella french rebellion that was caused by Mazarin's attempt to increase royal revenue and expand state bureaucracy, caused Louis XIV to distrust the state and turn to absolutism


  2. streltsyGuards of the Moscow palace during the Romanov Dynasy who rulers faced the constant threat of mutany from


  3. st. petersburgCapitol city created by Peter the Great to resemble a French city. It was built on land taken from Sweeden


  4. stuart dynastyAfter Queen Elizabeth Tudor's death in 1603, the Stuart Line of rulers came. Started with James I, King of Scotland. (Cousin of Elizabeth.) Then came Charles I, his son. Charles II. Then James II. Then William of Orange.


  5. romanov dynastyDynasty in France started by the reign of King Henry IV, powerful and EXTREMELY wealthy, rulers of this Dynasty wanted hegemony (dominant power), wanted to see shift of balance of power


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