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  1. Inversion
  2. Eversion
  3. Muscle tone
  4. Contractibility
  5. Supination
  1. a state of partial muscle contraction providing as state of readiness to act.
  2. b when muscle fibers are stimulated by nerves, they contract or become short and thick.
  3. c turning a body part outward.
  4. d turning a body part inward.
  5. e turning a body part upward (turning palm up)

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  1. moving in a circle at a joint. Moving one end of a body part in a circle while the other end remains stationary; swinging the arm in a circle.
  2. decreasing the angle between two bones or bending a body
  3. touching each of the fingers with the tip of the thumb.
  4. increasing the angle between two bones or straightening a body part.
  5. a circular motion that turns a body part on its axis

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  1. Voluntaryindependent action


  2. Abductionmoving a body part toward the midline.


  3. InvoluntarySkeletal


  4. Tendonincreasing the angle between two bones or straightening a body part.


  5. Fasciafibrous membrane covering, supporting and separating muscle.


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