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  1. Fascia
  2. Radial deviation
  3. Cardiac muscle
  4. Pronation
  5. Circumduction
  1. a moving toward the thumb side of the hand.
  2. b fibrous membrane covering, supporting and separating muscle.
  3. c form the walls of the heart and contract to circulate blood.
  4. d turning a body part downward (turning palm down)
  5. e moving in a circle at a joint. Moving one end of a body part in a circle while the other end remains stationary; swinging the arm in a circle.

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  1. excessive straightening of a body part.
  2. end or area of a muscle that moves when muscle contracts.
  3. allows muscles to return to its original shape after it has contracted
  4. turning a body part inward.
  5. turning a body part outward.

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  1. Originend or area of muscle that remains stationary when muscle


  2. Skeletal muscleattached to bones and cause body movement.


  3. Contractibilitywhen muscle fibers are stimulated by nerves, they contract or become short and thick.


  4. VoluntarySkeletal


  5. Flexion shorten, decrease in size, or draw together


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