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  1. Skeletal muscle
  2. Extension
  3. Dorsiflexion
  4. Fascia
  5. Pronation
  1. a bending backward (bending the foot toward the knee)
  2. b attached to bones and cause body movement.
  3. c fibrous membrane covering, supporting and separating muscle.
  4. d increasing the angle between two bones or straightening a body part.
  5. e turning a body part downward (turning palm down)

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  1. end or area of muscle that remains stationary when muscle
  2. bending forward (straightening the foot away from the knee)
  3. moving toward the little finger side of the hand.
  4. turning a body part inward.
  5. tightening or shortening of the muscle

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  1. Hyperextensionexcessive straightening of a body part.


  2. Tendonfibrous connective tissue that connects muscles to bones.


  3. Adductionmoving a body part toward the midline.


  4. Elasticityallows muscles to return to its original shape after it has contracted


  5. Muscle toneend or area of a muscle that moves when muscle contracts.


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