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  1. Antigen activated immunocompetent
  2. Aggregated lymphoid nodules
  3. what are infectious organisms penetrate the
    epithelial borders of the body and enter the underlying connective tissue
  4. Secondary lymphoid organs
  1. a lymphocytes
  2. b (Peyer's
    patches) located in the distal part of the small
  3. c circulate in the bloodstream, lymph,
    and throughout lymphoid organs of the body
  4. d lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils, and intestinal lymphoid tissue

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  1. lymphoid tissue
  2. functions in t-lymphocyte maturation
  3. lymphocytes: lymph nodes, spleen,
    thymus, tonsils, as well as aggregated
    lymphoid nodules in the small intestine
    and appendix
  4. Leakage of lymph into the
  5. red pulp

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  1. Appendixtubular offshoot of the cecum


  2. what cell are in the thymustcells


  3. Primary lymphoid organsB cells in bone marrow

    T cells in thymus


  4. what do b-cells do? where do they developproduce antibodies

    plasma cells


  5. spleen is the site of ___ cell maturation into plasma cellsb


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