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  1. what provides immune function of the spleen
  2. Secondary lymphoid organs
  3. Lymphocytes destined to become T cells migrate to where and what do they develop?
  4. Primary lymphoid organs
  1. a white pulp
  2. b bone marrow
  3. c (lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils, and other lymphoid tissue) are site
    of antigenic encounter and activation of B cells
    and T cells
  4. d thymus and develop
    immunocompetence there

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  1. childhood
  2. red bone marrow
  3. CD8+ killer cells & CD4+ helper
  4. leave the thymus and bone marrow and seed the
    secondary lymphoid organs
  5. hematopoiesis in the fetus

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  1. most antigenic challenges occur inlymph nodes


  2. what is composed of venous sinuseslymphocytes


  3. what is the simplest lymphoid organgather and destroy infectious


  4. why does thymus differ from ther lymphoid organs?tonsils


  5. Lymph Node functions: lymph percolates throughred bone marrow


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