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  1. what do b-cells do? where do they develop
  2. thymus composed of
  3. what is composed of venous sinuses
  4. Primary lymphoid organs
  5. T cells are
  1. a B cells in bone marrow

    T cells in thymus
  2. b produce antibodies

    plasma cells
  3. c cortex and medulla
  4. d CD8+ killer cells & CD4+ helper
  5. e red pulp

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  1. Inflammation of a lymph
  2. thymic hormones thymopoietin and thymosin
  3. lymphocytes
  4. HIV infection lowers the levels of
    CD4+ helper cells
  5. white pulp

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  1. Lymph Node functions: lymph percolates throughred bone marrow


  2. spleen is the site of ___ cell maturation into plasma cellshematopoiesis in the fetus


  3. spleen is the site ofplatelets


  4. Chylothoraxphagocytize defective blood cells.


  5. most antigenic challenges occur inlymph nodes


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