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  1. Two contradictory (opposite) words used together to form an expression.
  2. When two UNLIKE objects or people are put together in a story. Ex: socks and flip flops
  3. Very descriptive writing that uses the language of the senses
  4. A difference between the way things seem and the way they really are. Most Common Type - Situational -- where events that happen in a way that is opposite of what everyone expects. This is what you have always called just "irony."
  5. When human characteristics are given to non-linving objects or animals.

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  1. SimileWhen an object used takes on a deeper meaning. Ex: The heart shaped key in Hugo is a symbol for life.


  2. MetaphorA comparison of two UNLIKE items NOT using like or as.


  3. ForeshadowingWhen the story goes back to an earlier event and relives it. Ex: We learn about Hugo's father through flashback.


  4. HyperboleGreat exaggeration


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