American History Chapter 4

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McDougal Littell: Creating America Chapter 4: The Colonies Develop Pages 106 to 131


a colonial region that ran along the Appalachian Mountains through the far western part of the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies.

subsistence farm

a farm that produces enough food for the family with a small additional amount for trade.

triangular trade

the transatlantic system of trade in which goods, including slaves, were exchanged between Africa, England, Europe, the West Indies, and the colonies in North America.

Navigation Acts

a series of laws passed by Parliament, beginning in 1651, to ensure that England made money from its colonies' trade.


to illegally import or export goods.

cash crop

a crop grown by a farmer to be sold for money rather than for personal use.


a mill in which grain is ground to produce flour or meal.


a variety of people.


a skilled worker, such as a weaver or a potter, who makes goods by hand; a craftsperson.

Conestoga wagon

a vehicle with wide wheels, a curved bed, and a canvas cover used by American pioneers traveling west.


a plant grown in the Southern colonies that yields a deep blue dye.

Eliza Lucas

the person who introduced indigo as a successful plantation crop.

William Byrd II

a wealthy planter best known for his writing.


a worker hired by a planter to watch over and direct the work of slaves.

Stono Rebellion

a 1739 uprising of slaves in South Carolina, leading to the tightening of already harsh slave laws.

Appalachian Mountains

a mountain range that stretches from eastern Canada south to Alabama.

fall line

the point at which a waterfall prevents large boats from moving farther upriver.


a broad plateau that leads to the foot of a mountain range.


a large group of families that claim a common ancestor.

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