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  1. Cardiac muscle
  2. Ligand-gated ion channels
  3. Synaptic fatigue
  4. Multiple motor unit summation
  5. Sliding-filament model
  1. a least common, occurs in neuromuscular junction, due to lack of acetylcholine
  2. b Found only in heart, Striated, Each cell usually has one nucleus, Has intercalated disks and gap junctions, Specific area acts as Pacemaker, Autorhythmic cells, Action potentials of longer duration and longer refractory period, Ca2+ regulates contraction
  3. c Open in response to ligand molecules binding to receptor proteins or glycoproteins. Ex: neurotransmitters
  4. d A whole muscle contracts with a small or large force depending on number of motor units stimulated to contract
  5. e Actin myofilaments slides over myosin to shorten sarcomeres, actin and myosin do not change length
    Shortening sarcomeres is responsible for skeletal muscle contraction and during relaxation, sarcomeres lengthen

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  1. the tension applied to a load when a muscle is stretched but not stimulated
  2. thick myofilaments, many elongated molecules, two heavy myosin molecules to form a rod and two heads, four light myosin chains attached to the heads
  3. second most common, results from ATP depletion
  4. Decreases in muscle size
  5. threadlike structure that extends from one end of the muscle fiber to another

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  1. Rigor mortisDevelopment of rigid muscles several hours after death; caused from a stop of ATP production


  2. Sarcolemmahighly ordered units formed by actin and myosin myofilaments extending from one Z disk to another


  3. Distribution of fast-twitch and slow twitchMost muscles have both but varies for each muscle


  4. Smooth muscle cellsWalls of hollow organs, blood vessels, eye, glands, skin
    Most widely distributed type of muscle in the body
    Single nucleus centrally located
    Not striated, involuntary, gap junctions in visceral smooth


  5. Complete tetanusMuscle fibers partially relax between contraction


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