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  1. Actin
  2. Creatine phosphate
  3. Muscle tone
  4. Functions of muscular system
  5. Depolarization
  1. a thin myofilaments composed to two strands of fibrous actin (F actin made of G actin units), tropomyosin molecules, and troponin molecules
  2. b Body movement, maintenance of posture, production of body heat, communication, constriction of organs and vessels, heart beat
  3. c Constant tension by muscles for long periods of time - depends on a small percentage of motor units contracting out of phase with each other with no motor units contracting all the time
  4. d inside plasma membrane becomes less negative; when the cell is stimulated, gated Na+ channels open and Na+ diffuses into the cell
  5. e During resting conditions stores energy to synthesize ATP; provides enough energy to sustain max contractions for about 8-10 seconds

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  1. Reduced muscle mass, increased time for muscle to contract in response to nervous stimuli, Reduced stamina, increased recovery time, loss of muscle fibers, decreased density of capillaries in muscle
  2. A degrading enzyme in synaptic cleft, breaks down the Ach
  3. muscle plasma membrane in the area of the junction
  4. Attached to bones
    About 40% of the body weight
    Nuclei multiple and peripherally located
    Striated, Voluntary and involuntary (reflexes)
  5. depolarization, repolarizaion

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  1. Sliding-filament modelActin myofilaments slides over myosin to shorten sarcomeres, actin and myosin do not change length
    Shortening sarcomeres is responsible for skeletal muscle contraction and during relaxation, sarcomeres lengthen


  2. Smooth muscle cellsMyofilaments attach to dense bodies & dense areas, Sarcoplasmic reticulum not well developed and no transverse tubules, Shallow invaginations, caveolae, occur at intervals along the plasma membrane


  3. Sarcomerethe structural and functional unit of skeletal muscle that extends from one Z-disk to another


  4. Fasciculuscytoplasm without the myofibrils inside sarcolemma


  5. Distribution of fast-twitch and slow twitchMost muscles have both but varies for each muscle


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