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  1. Compromise of 1850
  2. Free Enterprise
  3. America's 1st form of government was "Declaration of Independence"
  4. Free speech
  5. Dred Scott Decision 1857
  1. a CA enters unions as a free state.
  2. b False
  3. c US Supreme Court defines slavery; "once a slave, always a slave"
  4. d No limitation on how one can earn a living.
  5. e right to express one's particular opinion or view.

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  1. False, is when colonies exist for financial benefit of mother country.
  2. the process of choosing a person or determining a particular issue.
  3. abolishes slavery in US
  4. True
  5. leads attack on Harper's Ferry to arm slaves and lead to freedom.

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  1. Kansas/Nebraska Act 1854concept of Popular Sovereignty (will of the People decides slavery)


  2. Protestability to express disagreement with authority.


  3. The 3/5 Compromise stated that "Blacks" were 3/5 of a citizenFalse, is for voting purposes all persons not listed equals 3/5 of a citizen.


  4. Holidaysspecial days that Americans celebrate similarly across the country.


  5. "Louisiana" was ceded to England after the Peace of Paris in 1763False, Jefferson purchases La. Territory (Mississippi River to Rocky Mountains) from Napoleon; Lewis & Clark explore with Sakajawa(Indian) as interpreter, York(BLK) guide


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