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  1. 49ers
  2. America's 1st form of government was "Declaration of Independence"
  3. "Louisiana" was ceded to England after the Peace of Paris in 1763
  4. Republican Party 1856
  5. The Quarter Act was passed which forced americans to house, feed, and clean the clothes of the "tax collectors"
  1. a False
  2. b False, Jefferson purchases La. Territory (Mississippi River to Rocky Mountains) from Napoleon; Lewis & Clark explore with Sakajawa(Indian) as interpreter, York(BLK) guide
  3. c national political party founded to abolish slavery.
  4. d Americans go to CA in search of gold.
  5. e False, Law passed by Parliament for Americans to house, feed, wash clothing of soldiers who were protesting tax collectors.

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  1. Alabama.
  2. defines US citizenship by birth or naturalization Americans have two; state & US
  3. Succeed or fail on your merits.
  4. quest for new, different, experiences outside the norm.
  5. 20 Blacks elected from the south during Reconstruction.

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  1. Freedman's BureauFederal relief agency that assisted former slaves become citizens.


  2. The french became allies with the Americans after the American victory at "Saratoga NY" in 1777True


  3. American sovereignty was 1st protected with the defeat of the Barbary Coast Pirates byLexington


  4. What is a qualification for one to be president of the US ?Natural born


  5. Townhall meetingsability to move up or down the social ladder.


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