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  1. What amendment guarantees the right to protest?
  2. Rugged Individualism
  3. America's 1st form of government was "Declaration of Independence"
  4. Uncle Tom's Cabin 1852
  5. John Wilkes Booth April 1865
  1. a Novel written by Harriet Beecher Stowe about horrors of slavery.
  2. b Succeed or fail on your merits.
  3. c Assassinates President Lincoln; Andrew Johnson becomes President.
  4. d Amendment 1
  5. e False

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  1. ability to move up or down the social ladder.
  2. director of Freedman's Bureau ; founded Howard University
  3. no designated religion by governments.
  4. abolishes slavery in US
  5. False, Law passed by Parliament for Americans to house, feed, wash clothing of soldiers who were protesting tax collectors.

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  1. Black patriots Salem Poor and Peter Salem fought against the British at "Bunker Hill"Valley, Saratoga, Bunker hill, Yorktown


  2. US House of Representativesability to express one's self outwardly (clothes, music, groups etc.)


  3. The bringing in of such persons(for Labor) would continue "with a tax of 10 dollars to the government up until 1808"Natural born


  4. Free EnterpriseNo limitation on how one can earn a living.


  5. Free speechright to express one's particular opinion or view.


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