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  1. The bringing in of such persons(for Labor) would continue "with a tax of 10 dollars to the government up until 1808"
  2. American Dream
  3. Townhall meetings
  4. Tax collectors were sent by "the king of England" to collect taxes from American colonists.
  5. 49ers
  1. a people in a community meet to discuss issues of that community.
  2. b False, it was parliament
  3. c Americans go to CA in search of gold.
  4. d ??? Whatever you make it as.
  5. e True

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  1. the process of choosing a person or determining a particular issue.
  2. Lexington
  3. -end the revolutionary War
    -America becomes a sovereign nation
    -America expands to the Mississippi River
    -American slaves who fought with the British were shipped to Jamaica.
  4. The ability to find a temporary solution to an immediate problem.
  5. right to express one's particular opinion or view.

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  1. Protestability to express disagreement with authority.


  2. The Mississippi River valley extended from the "Rocky Mountains" to the Mississippi River.False, Land was given over to England from Appalachian Mts. To Mississippi River; British colonists(Americans) settle in as payment for helping to defeat French; Br. Parliament attempts to tax Americans for use of land.


  3. Appomattox April 1865Lee surrenders to Grant to end American Civil War


  4. Reconstruction Period 1865-1876southern states attempt to leave union; Montgomery Confederate capital.


  5. Ft. Sumter April 1861No limitation on how one can earn a living.


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