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  1. Mercantilism was a colonial system whereby the colonies existed for "social benefit" of the Mother Country
  2. Muti-culturalism
  3. Holidays
  4. What amendment guarantees the right to protest?
  5. Arcadia was a settlement along the "St. Lawrence River" which became the cultural roots of Cajuns in Louisiana.
  1. a special days that Americans celebrate similarly across the country.
  2. b Amendment 1
  3. c the presence and input of diverse races, cultures in American society.
  4. d False, is when colonies exist for financial benefit of mother country.
  5. e True

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  1. False, Land was given over to England from Appalachian Mts. To Mississippi River; British colonists(Americans) settle in as payment for helping to defeat French; Br. Parliament attempts to tax Americans for use of land.
  2. False
  3. ability to express disagreement with authority.
  4. Crispus Attucks
  5. Samuel Adams

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  1. 54th Massachusettsdefines US citizenship by birth or naturalization Americans have two; state & US


  2. PBS PinchbackAbility to weather any obstacle regardless of circumstance.


  3. HBCU'sBlack institutions created during Reconstruction to educate former slaves.


  4. Seneca Falls NY 18511st women's right convention held; Sojourner Truth attends.


  5. The 1st Continental Congress was called in 1775 for the 13 Colonies to "unite in common defense"True


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