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  1. Ku Klux Klan
  2. "Louisiana" was ceded to England after the Peace of Paris in 1763
  3. Free Enterprise
  4. Secession Feb. 1861
  5. Oliver O. Howard
  1. a No limitation on how one can earn a living.
  2. b director of Freedman's Bureau ; founded Howard University
  3. c southern states attempt to leave union; Montgomery Confederate capital.
  4. d southern Whites attempt to regain control of South through violence.
  5. e False, Jefferson purchases La. Territory (Mississippi River to Rocky Mountains) from Napoleon; Lewis & Clark explore with Sakajawa(Indian) as interpreter, York(BLK) guide

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  1. False, Land was given over to England from Appalachian Mts. To Mississippi River; British colonists(Americans) settle in as payment for helping to defeat French; Br. Parliament attempts to tax Americans for use of land.
  2. False, Americans lured to Texas by Mexicans but prohibit slavery; Mexicans defeat all Americans at Alamo including one Blk; Sam Houston defeats Santa Anna at San Jacinto; Texas becomes a sovereign country(maintains slavery)
  3. the process of choosing a person or determining a particular issue.
  4. Natural born
  5. False

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  1. The bringing in of such persons(for Labor) would continue "with a tax of 10 dollars to the government up until 1808"True


  2. MilitiaDefense of a particular community by members of that community.


  3. John Wilkes Booth April 1865Assassinates President Lincoln; Andrew Johnson becomes President.


  4. Reconstruction Period 1865-1876Period of rebuilding US after Civil War


  5. Arcadia was a settlement along the "St. Lawrence River" which became the cultural roots of Cajuns in Louisiana.True


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