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  1. Paul Revere notified the Boston militia that the British were "coming by sea" to retrieve the stolen guns.
  2. America's Manifest Destiny is complete with the purchase of "Oregon Territory" from Britain.
  3. American Dream
  4. Free speech
  1. a False
  2. b right to express one's particular opinion or view.
  3. c ??? Whatever you make it as.
  4. d True

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  1. the need for Americans to go wherever regardless of reason or excuse.
  2. True
  3. the presence and input of diverse races, cultures in American society.
  4. Succeed or fail on your merits.
  5. All Black regiment; represented Black contribution to Civil War

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  1. Social mobilityDefense of a particular community by members of that community.


  2. The Quarter Act was passed which forced americans to house, feed, and clean the clothes of the "tax collectors"False, Law passed by Parliament for Americans to house, feed, wash clothing of soldiers who were protesting tax collectors.


  3. Freedman's BureauBlack institutions created during Reconstruction to educate former slaves.


  4. Republican Party 1856national political party founded to abolish slavery.


  5. 13th AmendmentGives citizens(males) right to vote.


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