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  1. ecological services
  2. relativist
  3. worldview
  4. goods
  5. classical economics
  1. a provided by nature
  2. b believes ethics vary based on the situation
  3. c market controlled by supply and demand
  4. d material commodities
  5. e reflects personal belief about the world

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  1. value not included in price of goods
  2. human centered view
  3. determined by buyers and sellers
  4. way of life shared by a group of people
  5. gives rights to all life

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  1. cost-benefit analysisactions are compared to the sum of the benefits


  2. GDPgross domestic product


  3. ecofeminismviews world in terms of relationships and cooperation


  4. servicesreflects personal belief about the world


  5. preservationcomplete protection of environment


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