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  1. capitalist market economy
  2. GPI
  3. relativist
  4. anthropocentrism
  5. conservation
  1. a determined by buyers and sellers
  2. b general progress indicator
  3. c believes ethics vary based on the situation
  4. d humans may use but not abuse natural resources
  5. e human centered view

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  1. views world in terms of relationships and cooperation
  2. actions are compared to the sum of the benefits
  3. provided by nature
  4. wrote the Land Ethic
  5. considers entire ecosystem as valuable

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  1. environmental ethicthe right of all humans to a clean environment


  2. worldviewreflects personal belief about the world


  3. biocentrismconsiders entire ecosystem as valuable


  4. environmental justiceapplys ethics to the environment


  5. GDPgeneral progress indicator


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