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  1. goods
  2. Aldo Leopold
  3. biocentrism
  4. services
  5. environmental justice
  1. a the right of all humans to a clean environment
  2. b wrote the Land Ethic
  3. c work done for others
  4. d gives rights to all life
  5. e material commodities

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  1. government controlled market
  2. considers entire ecosystem as valuable
  3. value not included in price of goods
  4. applys ethics to the environment
  5. study of resource use

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  1. ecofeminismviews world in terms of relationships and cooperation


  2. anthropocentrismhuman centered view


  3. cost-benefit analysisvalue not included in price of goods


  4. GDPgeneral progress indicator


  5. preservationcomplete protection of environment


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