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  1. culture
  2. classical economics
  3. centrally planned economy
  4. biocentrism
  5. environmental ethic
  1. a applys ethics to the environment
  2. b gives rights to all life
  3. c government controlled market
  4. d market controlled by supply and demand
  5. e way of life shared by a group of people

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  1. work done for others
  2. promotes low environmental impact products
  3. value not included in price of goods
  4. general progress indicator
  5. humans may use but not abuse natural resources

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  1. Aldo Leopoldwrote the Land Ethic


  2. worldviewreflects personal belief about the world


  3. environmental justiceapplys ethics to the environment


  4. ecological serviceswork done for others


  5. capitalist market economygovernment controlled market


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