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  1. CHART!
  2. microglia
  3. signal sent to synaptic bulb will release ____ to diffuse across _____
  4. efferent
  5. autonomic nervous system
  1. a involuntary, conducts impulses from CNS to smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and glands
  2. b peripheral-somatic and autonomic-sympathetic (arousing) and parasympathetic (calming), central
  3. c conducts impulses from CNS to effectors (muscles, glands); motor nerve fibers (make up nerve)
  4. d specialized immune cells that act as macrophages (disease eaters) of CNS
  5. e NT; synaptic cleft

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  1. sensory, interneurons, motor
  2. axon terminal; site of transduction (conversion of an electrical signal into chemical signal)
  3. occurs in myelinated axons; it's faster
  4. motor output (effectors=response); the activation of muscles or glands (typically via release of NTs)
  5. neurons, neuroglia; neuroglia outnumber neurons

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  1. reflex arcconducts impulses from CNS to effectors (muscles, glands); motor nerve fibers (make up nerve)


  2. nodes of Ranviersensory, interneurons, motor


  3. depolarizationrush of positively charged Na+ into cell, driven by concentration gradient & electrical gradient; inside of cell becomes more positive


  4. absolute refractory perioda Na+ channel CAN'T be stimulated during the time between the opening of the Na+ channel activation gate & the opening of the inactivation gate; Na+ channel can't be involved in another AP till inactivation gate is reset="recovery"


  5. how many spinal nerves in the PNS? what do they do?31; carry info to and from spinal cord


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