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Nervous system Test

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  1. afferent
  2. signal sent to synaptic bulb will release ____ to diffuse across _____
  3. neurons
  4. Schwann cells
  5. neuroglia
  1. a NT; synaptic cleft
  2. b for myelin sheaths around larger nerve fibers in PNS; vital to neuronal regeneration, promote repair
  3. c do not conduct nerve impulse; support, nourish, and protect neurons; special type of connective tissue for nervous system
  4. d conducts impulses from receptors to CNS; sensory nerve fibers can be somatic (from skin, muscles, joints) or visceral (from organs within ventral body cavity)
  5. e functional unit, signal conducting cells, transmit signals

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. 12; carry info to and from brain
  2. voluntary; from CNS to muscles
  3. axon plasma membrane=axolemma; surrounded by a myelin sheath, a wrapping of lipid which protects the axon and electrically isolates it, increases rate of AP
  4. 31; carry info to and from spinal cord
  5. Ach, norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine

5 True/False Questions

  1. "synaptic bulb"ability to respond to stimulus


  2. resting membrane pictureactive transport pump=to maintain homeostasis; resting=difference between inside & outside (-70 mV)


  3. reverse polarizationinflux of Na+ reverses membrane polarity w/ more positive charges inside cell than outside


  4. nodes of Ranviersensory, interneurons, motor


  5. what happens when a neuron is stimulated? in generaldepolarization, reverse polarization, repolarization, action potential


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