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  1. what's the fastest way of conduction? (2 parts)
  2. microglia
  3. afferent
  4. depolarization
  5. saltatory conduction
  1. a occurs in myelinated axons; it's faster
  2. b conducts impulses from receptors to CNS; sensory nerve fibers can be somatic (from skin, muscles, joints) or visceral (from organs within ventral body cavity)
  3. c myelinated, axon w/ largest diameter
  4. d rush of positively charged Na+ into cell, driven by concentration gradient & electrical gradient; inside of cell becomes more positive
  5. e specialized immune cells that act as macrophages (disease eaters) of CNS

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  1. changes in membrane make it more permeable to Na+, causing Na+ to rush into cell
  2. transmit impulses from CNS to effector
  3. un-myelinated parts along the axon
  4. serotonin, GABA, endorphins & enkephalins
  5. 12; carry info to and from brain

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  1. reflex arcfunctional unit of nervous system; allows impulses to travel in one direction; automatic, involuntary


  2. ependymal cellsline ventricles of brain & central canal of spinal cord; some are ciliated which facilitate movement of cerebrospinal fluid


  3. neuronsaxon plasma membrane=axolemma; surrounded by a myelin sheath, a wrapping of lipid which protects the axon and electrically isolates it, increases rate of AP


  4. somatic nervous systemtransmit impulses from CNS to effector


  5. oliodentrocytesinvolved in formation of blood brain barrier, nutrient transfer, clearance of NTs


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