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  1. what are examples of excitatory transmission?
  2. what are examples of inhibitory transmission?
  3. microglia
  4. signal sent to synaptic bulb will release ____ to diffuse across _____
  5. dendrites
  1. a thin, branched processes whose main function is to receive incoming signals; effectively increase surface area of neuron to increase ability to communicate with other neurons; small, mushroom-shaped dendritic spines further increase surface area
  2. b Ach, norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine
  3. c specialized immune cells that act as macrophages (disease eaters) of CNS
  4. d serotonin, GABA, endorphins & enkephalins
  5. e NT; synaptic cleft

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  1. produce myelin sheath-provides electrical insulation for certain neurons in CNS
  2. K+ channels open, hyper-polarizes membrane and it's more difficult for AP to occur
  3. voluntary; from CNS to muscles
  4. conducts impulses from CNS to effectors (muscles, glands); motor nerve fibers (make up nerve)
  5. receptor, sensory neuron, center, motor neuron, effector

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  1. neuronsdo not conduct nerve impulse; support, nourish, and protect neurons; special type of connective tissue for nervous system


  2. interneuronstransmit impulses from CNS to effector


  3. nervous tissue is highly______presynaptic=1st; post-synaptic=2nd


  4. Functions of the Nervous Systeminvoluntary, conducts impulses from CNS to smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and glands


  5. resting membrane potentialsequence of depolarization, reverses polarization, and re-polarization


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