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  1. reverse polarization
  2. saltatory conduction
  3. what are examples of excitatory transmission?
  4. astrocytes
  5. divisions of PNS
  1. a influx of Na+ reverses membrane polarity w/ more positive charges inside cell than outside
  2. b sensory division-afferent division; motor division-efferent division-somatic and autonomic nervous systems
  3. c involved in formation of blood brain barrier, nutrient transfer, clearance of NTs
  4. d occurs in myelinated axons; it's faster
  5. e Ach, norepinephrine, epinephrine, dopamine

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  1. line ventricles of brain & central canal of spinal cord; some are ciliated which facilitate movement of cerebrospinal fluid
  2. functional unit, signal conducting cells, transmit signals
  3. membrane is impermeable to Na+ but permeable to K+ and it rushes outside the cell down the concentration gradient, which restores the resting membrane potential to -70 mV
  4. 12; carry info to and from brain
  5. monitors changes/events occurring in & outside the body (stimuli); cells that respond=receptors

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  1. efferentfunctional unit, signal conducting cells, transmit signals


  2. sensory neuronscarry impulse from peripheral receptors to CNS


  3. signal sent to synaptic bulb will release ____ to diffuse across _____NT; synaptic cleft


  4. functional characteristics of neuronssensation, integration, reaction


  5. axonaxon plasma membrane=axolemma; surrounded by a myelin sheath, a wrapping of lipid which protects the axon and electrically isolates it, increases rate of AP


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