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  1. if transmission is _______ the NT-receptor reaction will depolarize
  2. ependymal cells
  3. neurons
  4. how many spinal nerves in the PNS? what do they do?
  5. microglia
  1. a line ventricles of brain & central canal of spinal cord; some are ciliated which facilitate movement of cerebrospinal fluid
  2. b specialized immune cells that act as macrophages (disease eaters) of CNS
  3. c excitatory
  4. d functional unit, signal conducting cells, transmit signals
  5. e 31; carry info to and from spinal cord

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  1. monitors changes/events occurring in & outside the body (stimuli); cells that respond=receptors
  2. influx of Na+ reverses membrane polarity w/ more positive charges inside cell than outside
  3. for myelin sheaths around larger nerve fibers in PNS; vital to neuronal regeneration, promote repair
  4. axon terminal; site of transduction (conversion of an electrical signal into chemical signal)
  5. membrane is impermeable to Na+ but permeable to K+ and it rushes outside the cell down the concentration gradient, which restores the resting membrane potential to -70 mV

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  1. Satellite cellssurround clusters of neuronal cell bodies in PNS-unknown function


  2. functional characteristics of neuronssensory, interneurons, motor


  3. signal sent to synaptic bulb will release ____ to diffuse across _____NT; synaptic cleft


  4. afferentconducts impulses from receptors to CNS; sensory nerve fibers can be somatic (from skin, muscles, joints) or visceral (from organs within ventral body cavity)


  5. motor neuronstransmit impulses from CNS to effector


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