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  1. CHART!
  2. what are examples of inhibitory transmission?
  3. types of neurons
  4. inhibitory
  5. Functions of the Nervous System
  1. a sensation, integration, reaction
  2. b sensory, interneurons, motor
  3. c serotonin, GABA, endorphins & enkephalins
  4. d peripheral-somatic and autonomic-sympathetic (arousing) and parasympathetic (calming), central
  5. e K+ channels open, hyper-polarizes membrane and it's more difficult for AP to occur

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  1. carry impulse from peripheral receptors to CNS
  2. neurons, neuroglia; neuroglia outnumber neurons
  3. occurs in unmyelinated axons; wave of depolarization & repolarization travels from one membrane patch to the next--like dominoes falling
  4. active transport pump=to maintain homeostasis; resting=difference between inside & outside (-70 mV)
  5. surround clusters of neuronal cell bodies in PNS-unknown function

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  1. Integrationmonitors changes/events occurring in & outside the body (stimuli); cells that respond=receptors


  2. conductivityability to respond to stimulus


  3. absolute refractory periodinvolved in formation of blood brain barrier, nutrient transfer, clearance of NTs


  4. depolarizationinflux of Na+ reverses membrane polarity w/ more positive charges inside cell than outside


  5. CNSnervous system outside the brain & spinal cord; responsible for communication btwn CNS & rest of body


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