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  1. signal sent to synaptic bulb will release ____ to diffuse across _____
  2. what happens when a neuron is stimulated? in general
  3. interneurons
  4. continuous conduction
  5. synapse
  1. a NT; synaptic cleft
  2. b changes in membrane make it more permeable to Na+, causing Na+ to rush into cell
  3. c region of communication
  4. d in CNS, form connecting link between afferent & efferent
  5. e occurs in unmyelinated axons; wave of depolarization & repolarization travels from one membrane patch to the next--like dominoes falling

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  1. neurons, neuroglia; neuroglia outnumber neurons
  2. axon terminal; site of transduction (conversion of an electrical signal into chemical signal)
  3. peripheral-somatic and autonomic-sympathetic (arousing) and parasympathetic (calming), central
  4. thin, branched processes whose main function is to receive incoming signals; effectively increase surface area of neuron to increase ability to communicate with other neurons; small, mushroom-shaped dendritic spines further increase surface area
  5. K+ channels open, hyper-polarizes membrane and it's more difficult for AP to occur

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  1. Schwann cellsfor myelin sheaths around larger nerve fibers in PNS; vital to neuronal regeneration, promote repair


  2. Satellite cellssurround clusters of neuronal cell bodies in PNS-unknown function


  3. neurons in the synaptic cleftpresynaptic=1st; post-synaptic=2nd


  4. how many spinal nerves in the PNS? what do they do?31; carry info to and from spinal cord


  5. functional characteristics of neuronssensory, interneurons, motor


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