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  1. What do Type II cells secrete?
  2. What are the 2 types of mucous membrane for nasal cavity?
  3. What is the epithelium for nasal respiratory mucosa?
  4. What is Hilum?
  1. a pseudostratified ciliated columnar
  2. b Olfactory mucosa and Nasal respiratory mucosa
  3. c surfactant
  4. d indentation on medial surface of each lung through which bronchi, blood vessels, lymph vessels, and nerves enter and exit the lung

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  1. extensively branching respiratory passageways
  2. nostrils
  3. Posterior tunnel shaped nasal
  4. wider and shorter than
    the left
  5. Most important respiratory center

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  1. What houses olfactory (smell) receptors?Olfactory mucosa


  2. In the Oropharynx, what is fauces?air


  3. What functions for:
    • Voice production
    • Provides an open airway
    • Routes air and food into the proper channels


  4. Type I cells are surrounded by what?delicate basal lamina


  5. Type II cells in Alveoli are what?cuboidal epithelial cells


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