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  1. In the Oropharynx, what is fauces?
  2. For innervation of lungs, parasympathetic does what?
  3. VRG
  4. Pleurae help divide the thoracic cavity into
  5. What are External nares?
  1. a constrict airways
  2. b arch-like entranceway
  3. c a pacemeaker which
    generates respiratory rhythm and rate
    with input from the pons and dorsal
    respiratory group (DRG) in dorsal
  4. d nostrils
  5. e - Central mediastinum
    - Two lateral pleural compartments

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  1. via vagus nerve
  2. 0.5 mm in diameter
  3. marks where trachea divides into two primary bronchi
  4. - Inspiration—inhalation
    - Expiration—exhalation
  5. Superior & inferior lobes
    • Fissure—oblique

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  1. ventral respiratory group
    (VRG) is in reticular formation in the
    medulla oblongata


  2. What are vestibular folds?(true vocal cords)
    - Act in sound production


  3. Central chemoreceptors locationan active process


  4. What is choanae?nasal apertures


  5. What does lingual tonsils do?covers the posterior surface of the tongue


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