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  1. Chemoreceptors
  2. What is nasopharynx?
  3. what is pleural cavity
  4. Terminal bronchioles is less than?
  5. The wall of each alveolus consists of what?
  1. a Posterior tunnel shaped nasal
  2. b a single layer of simple squamous epithelial cells, called Type I cells
  3. c - Sensitive to rising and falling O2 and CO2 levels
  4. d 0.5 mm in diameter
  5. e Potential space between the visceral and
    parietal pleurae

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  1. Superior, middle, & inferior lobes
    • Fissures—oblique and horizontal
  2. constrict airways
  3. Palatine tonsils and lingual tonsils
  4. nasal cavity and mouth
  5. - Central mediastinum
    - Two lateral pleural compartments

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  1. What reduces surface tension within alveol to keep them inflated?~140 square meters


  2. Type I cells are surrounded by what?Deliver oxygen-poor blood to the lungs


  3. Deep inspiration requiresflattens and moves inferiorly/


  4. How many alveoli account for
    tremendous surface area of the lungs?
    ~300 million


  5. What is cricoid cartilage?nasal apertures


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