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  1. What is the epithelium for nasal respiratory mucosa?
  2. Chemoreceptors
  3. What is nasopharynx?
  4. Forced expiration
  5. The pharynx connects what?
  1. a Posterior tunnel shaped nasal
  2. b pseudostratified ciliated columnar
  3. c an active process
  4. d nasal cavity and mouth
  5. e - Sensitive to rising and falling O2 and CO2 levels

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  1. Respiratory bronchioles
    alveolar ducts
  2. Closed during swallowing and open during breathing
  3. Nasal respiratory mucosa
  4. Pseudostratified ciliated columnar
  5. - Three on the right
    - Two on the left

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  1. What do pulmonary veins do?Carry oxygenated blood to the heart


  2. Pulmonary arteries do what?Deliver oxygen-poor blood to the lungs


  3. what is Aortic bodiesinferior surface of lung which sets on the


  4. What is the passageway for both food and air?Primary bronchi (left main bronchi)


  5. What houses olfactory (smell) receptors?actual site of gas exchange in the lungs in bronchioles, alveolar ducts, and alveolar sacs


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