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  1. What is Apex?
  2. VRG
  3. What lines the nasal cavity?
  4. Terminal bronchioles branch to form what? Which leads to what?
  5. Bronchioles is less than what?
  1. a Respiratory bronchioles
    alveolar ducts
  2. b Nasal respiratory mucosa
  3. c superior tip of lung
  4. d 1 mm in diameter
  5. e a pacemeaker which
    generates respiratory rhythm and rate
    with input from the pons and dorsal
    respiratory group (DRG) in dorsal

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  1. • Nose, nasal cavity, and paranasal sinuses
    • Pharynx, larynx, and trachea
    • Bronchi and bronchioles (smaller branches)
    • Lungs and alveoli
  2. Goblet cells
  3. Deep inspiration requires
    - Scalenes
    - Sternocleidomastoid
    - Pectoralis minor
    - Erector spinae—extends the back
  4. the only laryngeal cartilage that forms a complete ring
  5. Lamina propria

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  1. what is Aortic bodiesia glossopharyngeal nerve


  2. The pharynx is divided into what 3 sections?Nasopharynx, Oropharynx, Laryngopharynx


  3. Basal lamina of alveolar epithelium and blood capillary endothelium are fused to form what?the respiratory membrane through which
    O2 and CO2 are exchanged


  4. What is in the left lung?Superior & inferior lobes
    • Fissure—oblique


  5. The wall of each alveolus consists of what?air


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