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  1. What is in the right lung?
  2. what is a double-layered sac surrounding each
  3. What is the epithelium of the trachea?
  4. How many alveoli account for
    tremendous surface area of the lungs?
  5. What is conducting zone?
  1. a ~300 million
  2. b carries air to sites of gas exchange and filter, humidify, and warm air as it is conducted through nose, mouth, throat, trachea and bronchi
  3. c pseudostratified ciliated columnar
  4. d Superior, middle, & inferior lobes
    • Fissures—oblique and horizontal
  5. e pleurae

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  1. inferior surface of lung which sets on the
  2. an active process
  3. Closed during swallowing and open during breathing
  4. - Sensitive to rising and falling O2 and CO2 levels
  5. Nasal respiratory mucosa

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  1. Terminal bronchioles branch to form what? Which leads to what?0.5 mm in diameter


  2. What does the pharyngeal tonsil (adenoids) do?covers the posterior surface of the tongue


  3. What are the basic functions of the
    respiratory system?
    pseudostratified ciliated columnar


  4. Resonating chamber for speech?The nose


  5. ventral respiratory group
    (VRG) is in reticular formation in the
    Goblet cells


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