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  1. Tabs
  2. Help Button
  3. View Ruler Button
  4. Status Bar
  5. Document Window
  1. a a button you click on when you need help
  2. b markers across the top that, when clicked, display additional options
  3. c area where you type document text
  4. d toggles the rulers on and off the screen
  5. e displays information about the current document

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  1. shifts the on-screen display up and down
  2. measures the height of the document page
  3. the flashing vertical line that indicates where the next action will occur
  4. used to increase or decrease the size of the document on-screen
  5. displays buttons for accessing office features and commands

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  1. Title Bardisplays the program and document name


  2. Horizontal Rulermeasures the height of the document page


  3. Restorereturns the window to its previous size


  4. Scroll Arrowdisplays information about the current document


  5. Minimizeshows only the tab names on the Ribbon


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