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  1. Nonviolent refusal to obey an unjust law. Intended to influence government policy.
  2. To join together in refraining from dealing with or making purchases from an organization.
  3. General agreement; willingness of all members of a group to go along with a particular solution or action.
  4. The theory and economic system of collective ownership of the means of production by a local community with all the members sharing in the work and the products.

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  1. VigilNonviolent refusal to continue to work until a problem is resolved. Types of strikes include the following


  2. FacilitatorA person who helps a meeting or negotiation to run smoothly and effectively; one who disencumbers group process (Facilitates) to make way for mutually satisfying conflict resolution and action.


  3. StrikeA nonviolent watch or silent demonstration to protest, honor, or express concern, and sometimes to encourage others to do likewise.


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