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  1. A person who helps a meeting or negotiation to run smoothly and effectively; one who disencumbers group process (Facilitates) to make way for mutually satisfying conflict resolution and action.
  2. A nonviolent watch or silent demonstration to protest, honor, or express concern, and sometimes to encourage others to do likewise.
  3. Binding settlement of a dispute by an impartial third party called an arbitrator, for example by a judge or jury.
  4. Nonviolent refusal to obey an unjust law. Intended to influence government policy.

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  1. BoycottTo scatter, dilute, or confuse a problem so as to make confrontation less likely and resolution impossible or postponed.


  2. CommunismGeneral agreement; willingness of all members of a group to go along with a particular solution or action.


  3. ConsensusThe theory and economic system of collective ownership of the means of production by a local community with all the members sharing in the work and the products.


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