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  1. Hemophilia
  2. phlebitis
  3. Bradycardia
  4. rheumatic fever
  5. Edema
  1. a slow heart rhythm
  2. b swelling
  3. c any blood clotting disorders
  4. d inflammation of a vein
  5. e inflammatory condition developing after bacterial infection; may cause valve/heart/kidney problems

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  1. rapid heart rhythm
  2. artificial device to give electrical conduction to atria
  3. contagious viral infection of blood; spread through saliva
  4. narrowing of bicuspid; increases resistance of blood flow
  5. procedure in which occluded vessel is opened

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  1. Fibrillationvalves are not opening and closing as they should


  2. thrombocytopeniastationary blood clot


  3. Anemiaswelling


  4. Electrocardiogramgraphic record of heart's action potentials


  5. Hemorrhageany blood clotting disorders


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