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  1. Hemophilia
  2. phlebitis
  3. varicose veins
  4. mitral stenosis
  5. Electrocardiogram
  1. a narrowing of bicuspid; increases resistance of blood flow
  2. b graphic record of heart's action potentials
  3. c inflammation of a vein
  4. d enlarged vein in which blood pools
  5. e any blood clotting disorders

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  1. swelling
  2. inflammatory condition developing after bacterial infection; may cause valve/heart/kidney problems
  3. low blood pressure
  4. severe chest pain
  5. abnormal widening of arterial wall

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  1. Embolusmoving blood clot


  2. pacemakerswelling


  3. shockcirculatory crisis marked by low blood pressure and inadequate peripheral blood flow


  4. Hemorrhageany blood clotting disorders


  5. Arteriosclerosisloss of elasticity in blood vessels (hardening)


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