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  1. dilemma
  2. comely
  3. expulsion
  4. unflinching
  5. tantalize
  1. a (adj) having a pleasing appearance
  2. b (n) the process of driving or forcing out
  3. c (n) a difficult or perplexing situation or problem
  4. d (v) to tease, torment by teasing
  5. e (adj) firm, showing no signs of fear, not drawing back

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  1. (v) to spread or scatter freely or widely (adj) wordy, longwinded, or unfocused; scattered or widely spread
  2. (v) to save from fire or shipwrick; (n) property thus saved
  3. (v) to let go, give up
  4. (v) to disagree; (n) disagreement
  5. (v) to incline to beforehand

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  1. subjugate(v) to make, manufacture; to make up, invent


  2. adjourn(v) to stop proceedings temporarily; move to another place


  3. proliferate(v) to bring to an end


  4. altercation(adj) bringing in money; profitable


  5. brigand(n) a bandit, robber, outlaw, ighwayman


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