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  1. alien
  2. irate
  3. comely
  4. commandeer
  5. relinquish
  1. a (v) to seize for military or official use
  2. b (n) a citizen of another country; (adj) foreign, strange
  3. c (v) to let go, give up
  4. d (adj) having a pleasing appearance
  5. e (adj) angry

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  1. (adj) bringing in money; profitable
  2. (n) an extremely poor person
  3. (adj) commonplace; overused, stale
  4. (n) an angry argument
  5. (v) to pardon or overlook

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  1. opinionated(adj) stubborn and often unreasonable in holding to one's own ideas, habing a closed mind


  2. mediocre(v) to make a mess of; muddle through; to get by; (n) a hopeless mess


  3. admonish(n) scattered fragments, wreckage


  4. jeer(v) to make fun of rudely or unkindly; (n) a rude remark of derision


  5. predispose(adj) average, ordinary, undistinguished


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