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  1. unbridled
  2. subjugate
  3. compensate
  4. altercation
  5. comely
  1. a (n) an angry argument
  2. b (v) to conquer by force, bring under complete control
  3. c (v) to make up for; to repay for services
  4. d (adj) uncontrolled, lacking in restraint
  5. e (adj) having a pleasing appearance

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  1. (adj) firm, showing no signs of fear, not drawing back
  2. (v) to seize for military or official use
  3. (adj) commonplace; overused, stale
  4. (n) a follower, supporter; (adj) attached, sticking to
  5. (v) to pardon or overlook

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  1. proliferate(V) to steal in small quantities


  2. erratic(adj) not regular or consistent; different from what is ordinaryily expected; undependable


  3. eminent(adj) famous, outstanding, distinguished; projecting


  4. surmount(adj) not genuine, not true, not valid


  5. lucrative(adj) bringing in money; profitable


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