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  1. Serious harm to others, attempts to correct fail, reporting will stop harm, harm is serious enough to justify probable costs of disclosure
  2. Extension to Privacy Act, requires employers to notify employes that their credit is being checked
  3. Labor unions can negotiate wages, working conditions, health insurance, sick days
  4. Drug testing protocol pre and during employment, zero tolerance, penalties, substance abuse awareness programs
  5. 1988 requires government agencies, federal contractors and those receiving federal funds of $25,000+ to pursue drug test
  6. Bargain for sexual acts, etc.

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  1. Employee Protection?Must balance security needs with employee rights and avoid intrusive practices


  2. Employee Monitoring Protection?Against theft, revealing of IP, property information and trade secrets to competitors, using customer database for personal gain


  3. Employee theft?Theft of company property and time


  4. Honesty Tests?Written tests to reveal integrity


  5. Fair Labor Standards?Conditions under which a company's employees and contingent workers work


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