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  1. sound waves move fastest in which type of medium?
  2. opaque
  3. what determines what color an object is?
  4. waves that can travel through soft tissue but not bone
  5. Earth's largest source of EM waves
  1. a sun
  2. b the color that is reflected by the object and the color of light hitting the object
  3. c solid
  4. d
    none of the light waves get through
  5. e x-rays

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  1. all or most of light waves get through
  2. hertz
  3. higher
  4. ultraviolet
  5. how high or low a sound is

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  1. waves used in radios and TVsgamma


  2. color of visible light with lowest frequencyviolet


  3. as wave frequency increases, wavelength ____________higher


  4. waves used to kill cancer cellsradio waves


  5. speed of EM wavesmicrowave oven, cell phone, radar


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