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  1. waves used to kill cancer cells
  2. unit of measurement of sound frequency
  3. transparent
  4. sound intensity
  5. as temperature increases, the speed of sound __________________
  1. a hertz
  2. b
    all or most of light waves get through
  3. c increases
  4. d measure of the energy or amplitude of a wave
  5. e gamma

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  1. radio waves
  2. remote controls, laser pointers, heat lamps

  3. the change in perceived pitch that occurs when the source of a sound is moving
  4. the color that is reflected by the object and the color of light hitting the object
  5. decreases

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  1. sound waves move fastest in which type of medium?solid


  2. sound wave
    none of the light waves get through


  3. EM waves that bees can seeultraviolet


  4. waves that can travel through soft tissue but not bonex-rays


  5. uses of microwavesmicrowave oven, cell phone, radar


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