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  1. solution
  2. covalent bond
  3. neutron
  4. compound
  5. electron
  1. a mixture where all components are even distributed
  2. b negatively charged particle circulating around the nucleus
  3. c neutral particle of an atom
  4. d forms when electrons are shared between atoms
  5. e substance formed by the chemical comination of two or more compounds in definite proportion

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  1. an attraction between molecules of the same substance
  2. a weak acid or weak base that prevents sudden changes in pH
  3. smallest unit of a compound
  4. Formed when one or more electrons are transferred from one atom to another
  5. an attraction between molecules of different substances

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  1. acidsolution with a higher concentration of hydrogen ions than water


  2. isotopeatoms of the same element but with a different number of neutron


  3. atompositively or negatively charged atom


  4. van der waals forceforce of attraction between large molecules


  5. protonpositively charged particle of an atom


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