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  1. will, +,-,none
  2. sexual selection
  3. Curvier
  4. positive
  5. trade off
  1. a a trait that operates in opposition to standard survival based selection. Ex. a loud call helps attract mates, but alerts predators to location
  2. b natural selection consistently has a _______ effect
  3. c Person who discovered that fossils change over time, noticed geological change, thought a series of catastrophies were responsible for the change in oraganisms
  4. d natural selection that is related to mating success includes the ability to locate males, courtship behaviors, ornaments the mates find attrative, etc.
  5. e genetic drift _______ happen, and has a ________ effect

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  1. Noticed geological features change over time, published thoery of gradualism
  2. The changes a parent accumulates during their lifetime can be passed to their offspring, mechanism of change (giraffe example)
  3. all of the alles for all loci in a populations
  4. condition where there are two or more versions of a trait within a population
  5. type of reproductive isolation that prevents survival or fertility of offspring

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  1. Natural selectionprovides a mechanism for evolutionary change


  2. zygoteresult of the fusion of egg and sperm


  3. allopatric speciationa geographical seperation between species (type of speciation)


  4. Aristotlenatural selection consistently has a _______ effect


  5. descent with modificationspecies observed today are the result of gradual change from a common ancestor


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