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  1. Natural selection
  2. Mathus
  3. positive
  4. Wallace
  5. small
  1. a what kind of population experiences an increase in drift?
  2. b Person who stated that organisms produce more offspring than can survive
  3. c provides a mechanism for evolutionary change
  4. d natural selection consistently has a _______ effect
  5. e Idea of adaption and evolution, not made famous by discovery

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  1. Natural selection acts on _______ but evolutionary change ultimately implies change in the _______ of the population
  2. genetic composition of an individual
  3. natural selection that is related to mating success includes the ability to locate males, courtship behaviors, ornaments the mates find attrative, etc.
  4. a post-zygotic barrier where fertilizaiton occurs, but the hybrid is sterile and unable to reproduce (liger, mule, etc.)
  5. states that individuals are members of the same species if they are capable of interbreeding and producing viable/fertile offsrping

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  1. DarwinPerson who discovered that fossils change over time, noticed geological change, thought a series of catastrophies were responsible for the change in oraganisms


  2. evolution trapusing old cue in a new environment results in a maladaptive choice, environment changes and the old way doesn't work any more even if it worked every time before. (humans and fast food) (beetle attracted to phermones in field) (beetle that mates with beer bottle)


  3. subspeciesspecies only found in a particular location


  4. Might, +,-, nonegenetic drift _______ happen, and has a ________ effect


  5. sympatric speciationpre-zygotic barrier where mating succeeds but the sperm of one species is not able to fertilize the egg of the other species


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