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  1. Lyell
  2. subspecies
  3. pre-zygotic
  4. stabalizing selection
  5. mechanical isolation
  1. a type of selection favors individuals at the middle of the phenotypic range
  2. b type of reproductive isolation that prevents fertilization of eggs
  3. c Noticed that the rate of change is generally constant, geology
  4. d pre-zygotic barrier where mating may be attempted but morphological, physical factors prevent the act of mating.
  5. e differences among species, but not enough to make them a new species

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  1. the entire population is homozygous at the locus
  2. Person who discovered that fossils change over time, noticed geological change, thought a series of catastrophies were responsible for the change in oraganisms
  3. Person who noticed similarity in shape and design among certain organisms, classifying organisms
  4. movement of genes from one population to another due to the input of genes from individuals of another population
  5. gene flow_______ happen, and has a _________ effect

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  1. will, +,-,nonegenetic drift _______ happen, and has a ________ effect


  2. MathusNoticed geological features change over time, published thoery of gradualism


  3. asexualwhat kind of population experiences an increase in drift?


  4. Might, +,-, nonegene flow_______ happen, and has a _________ effect


  5. contained, blindlarge original population is suddenly reduced vastly in numbers, only a small number is left and it is likely that this new smaller population has lost alleles, therefore, drift has happened RANDOM


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