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  1. Lamarck
  2. subspecies
  3. reduce
  4. Might, +,-, none
  5. sympatric speciation
  1. a no geographical seperation between a species (type of speciation)
  2. b differences among species, but not enough to make them a new species
  3. c gene flow tends to______ variation between populations
  4. d The changes a parent accumulates during their lifetime can be passed to their offspring, mechanism of change (giraffe example)
  5. e mutations _______ happen, and has a _______ effect

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  1. natural selection consistently has a _______ effect
  2. Person who stated that organisms produce more offspring than can survive
  3. variation in heritable traits within a population plus differential survival/reproduction = change in traits in a population over time
  4. type of selection favors individuals at the middle of the phenotypic range
  5. type of selection favors individuals at opposite ends of the phenotypic range

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  1. habitat isolationpre-zygotic factor that prevents breeding because of different mating areas or places


  2. speciationcreation of new species


  3. temporal isolationpre-zygotic factor that prevents breeding becuase of different mating times/seasons


  4. founder effecta trait that operates in opposition to standard survival based selection. Ex. a loud call helps attract mates, but alerts predators to location


  5. Existingselection can only act on _________ variation


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