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  1. biological species concept
  2. sexual dimorphism
  3. gene flow
  4. disruptive selection
  5. polymorphism
  1. a dirrences in size, color, shape, behavior, between the sexes. Ex. Red male cardinal, brown female cardinals.
  2. b states that individuals are members of the same species if they are capable of interbreeding and producing viable/fertile offsrping
  3. c type of selection favors individuals at opposite ends of the phenotypic range
  4. d condition where there are two or more versions of a trait within a population
  5. e movement of genes from one population to another due to the input of genes from individuals of another population

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  1. selection can only act on _________ variation
  2. NO variation means....
  3. Natural selection acts on _______ but evolutionary change ultimately implies change in the _______ of the population
  4. the biological species concept might not work for _______ organisms
  5. a post-zygotic barrier where fertilization occurs but the hybrid offspring do not survive well, either in the womb or after birth

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  1. temporal isolationpre-zygotic factor that prevents breeding because of different mating areas or places


  2. macroevolutionvariation in heritable traits within a population plus differential survival/reproduction = change in traits in a population over time


  3. Huttonchange in in structure of a gene or chromosome, only way to create new alleles


  4. speciationcreation of new species


  5. smallwhat kind of population experiences an increase in drift?


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