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  1. endemics
  2. polymorphism
  3. macroevolution
  4. more
  5. founder effect
  1. a a few individuals are seperated from the source population. These individuals become founders of a new population. The allele frequencies are unlikely to match those of the source population, therefore, drift occurs. It unlikely that the small group contains all the alles of the large population. RANDOM
  2. b change above the species level, evolutionary components of speciation
  3. c deleterious mutations are _______ common than beneficial ones
  4. d condition where there are two or more versions of a trait within a population
  5. e species only found in a particular location

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  1. localized group of individuals, group of individuals who are capable of interbreeding and producing fertile offspring
  2. Natural selection acts on _______ but evolutionary change ultimately implies change in the _______ of the population
  3. Person who noticed similarity in shape and design among certain organisms, classifying organisms
  4. combining existing alleles in new ways (crossing over, random fertilization, random allignment)
  5. creation of new species

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  1. intersexual selectionmate choice, acts on traits that affect success on being chosen for mating by the opposite sex


  2. reduced hybrid viabilitya post-zygotic barrier where fertilization occurs but the hybrid offspring do not survive well, either in the womb or after birth


  3. contained, blindNatural selection is _____ to the past and ______ to the future


  4. post-zygotictype of reproductive isolation that prevents fertilization of eggs


  5. Natural selectionprovides a mechanism for evolutionary change


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