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  1. genotype
  2. post-zygotic
  3. genetic drift
  4. founder effect
  5. Lyell
  1. a Noticed that the rate of change is generally constant, geology
  2. b a few individuals are seperated from the source population. These individuals become founders of a new population. The allele frequencies are unlikely to match those of the source population, therefore, drift occurs. It unlikely that the small group contains all the alles of the large population. RANDOM
  3. c type of reproductive isolation that prevents survival or fertility of offspring
  4. d change in allele frequencies between generations due to RANDOM chance events.. RANDOM process. Can have a positive, negative, or neutral effect
  5. e genetic composition of an individual

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  1. all of the alles for all loci in a populations
  2. pre-zygotic barrier where mating may be attempted but morphological, physical factors prevent the act of mating.
  3. type of selection favors individuals at the middle of the phenotypic range
  4. large original population is suddenly reduced vastly in numbers, only a small number is left and it is likely that this new smaller population has lost alleles, therefore, drift has happened RANDOM
  5. a trait that operates in opposition to standard survival based selection. Ex. a loud call helps attract mates, but alerts predators to location

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  1. behavioral isolationpre-zygotic factor that prevents mating because of different mating calls/rituals/dances/displays,etc.


  2. phenotype, genotypegenetic composition of an individual


  3. allele fixationalternative versions of a gene that can produce a different phenotypic effect (ex. eye color)


  4. Curvierdeleterious mutations are _______ common than beneficial ones


  5. sympatric speciationno geographical seperation between a species (type of speciation)


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