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Zoology final exam Test

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  1. Natural selection
  2. mutation
  3. founder effect
  4. Mathus
  5. microevolution
  1. a change in allele frequencies in a population from one generation to the next
  2. b a few individuals are seperated from the source population. These individuals become founders of a new population. The allele frequencies are unlikely to match those of the source population, therefore, drift occurs. It unlikely that the small group contains all the alles of the large population. RANDOM
  3. c provides a mechanism for evolutionary change
  4. d change in in structure of a gene or chromosome, only way to create new alleles
  5. e Person who stated that organisms produce more offspring than can survive

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  1. change above the species level, evolutionary components of speciation
  2. Noticed geological features change over time, published thoery of gradualism
  3. variation in heritable traits within a population plus differential survival/reproduction = change in traits in a population over time
  4. change in allele frequency in a population
  5. a post-zygotic barrier where fertilization but hybrids are non-viable or sterile in subsequent generations

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  1. habitat isolationpre-zygotic barrier where mating succeeds but the sperm of one species is not able to fertilize the egg of the other species


  2. phenotypegenetic composition of an individual


  3. subspeciesdifferences among species, but not enough to make them a new species


  4. descent with modificationtype of selection favors individuals at opposite ends of the phenotypic range


  5. post-zygoticresult of the fusion of egg and sperm


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