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  1. adaptive evolution via natural selection
  2. reduced hybrid fertility
  3. evolution trap
  4. reduce
  5. intersexual selection
  1. a If there is no variation there is no oppurtunity for
  2. b a post-zygotic barrier where fertilizaiton occurs, but the hybrid is sterile and unable to reproduce (liger, mule, etc.)
  3. c mate choice, acts on traits that affect success on being chosen for mating by the opposite sex
  4. d using old cue in a new environment results in a maladaptive choice, environment changes and the old way doesn't work any more even if it worked every time before. (humans and fast food) (beetle attracted to phermones in field) (beetle that mates with beer bottle)
  5. e gene flow tends to______ variation between populations

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  1. the entire population is homozygous at the locus
  2. Natural selection is _____ to the past and ______ to the future
  3. The changes a parent accumulates during their lifetime can be passed to their offspring, mechanism of change (giraffe example)
  4. change in allele frequency in a population
  5. result of the fusion of egg and sperm

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  1. gene poolgenetic composition of an individual


  2. hybrid breakdowna post-zygotic barrier where fertilization but hybrids are non-viable or sterile in subsequent generations


  3. microevolutionchange above the species level, evolutionary components of speciation


  4. post-zygotictype of reproductive isolation that prevents survival or fertility of offspring


  5. Lyellwhat kind of population experiences an increase in drift?


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