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  1. nomenclature
  2. impervious
  3. deleterious
  4. frame
  5. either/or fallacy
  1. a technical names or naming system in an art or scienceq
  2. b a structure that provides a premise or setting for a narrative or other discourse
  3. c incapable of being penetrated or affected
  4. d harmful to living things
  5. e requires absolutes which do not allow for intermediate cases

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  1. the opposite of hyperbole. a kind of irony thta deliberately represents something as being much less than it really is
  2. the comparison of two different things or ideas through the use of the words like or as
  3. in former times was free and cultivated his own land
  4. a brief story, usually with animal characters, that teaches a lesson, or moral
  5. the entire body of words used in a test, not simply isolated bits of diction

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  1. explicationthe interpretation or analysis of a text


  2. syllogisma similarity or comparison between two different things or teh relationship between them


  3. motleya lyric poem usually marked by serious, respectful, and exalted feelings toward the subject


  4. tautologythe element in literature that stimulates pity or sorrow


  5. anadiplosisthe repetition of a key word, especially the last one, at the beginning of the next sentence or clause


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