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  1. innovation
  2. modernism
  3. plagiarism
  4. illicit
  5. compount-complex sentence
  1. a the use of another person's writings or ideas as one's own without acknowledging their source
  2. b somethign new; a change
  3. c two or more principal clauses and one or more subordinate clauses
  4. d attempted to capture the essence of modern life in the twentieth century in both form and content of their work
  5. e unlawful, illegal

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  1. a poem or song of lament and praise for the dead
  2. a. luxuriant, plentiful; luxurious, opulent
    b. overelaborate or overripe
  3. one of two (approximately) equal parts
  4. requires absolutes which do not allow for intermediate cases
  5. a longing to return to a sentimentalized past; homesickness

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  1. laissez-fairea. to assemble or construct
    b. to make up with the intention of deceiving


  2. dicto simplicitera parody of traditional epic form


  3. synecdocheperson afraid of foreigners


  4. trochaicthe language of a work and its style; words, often highly emotional, used to convey or sway an audience


  5. nihilismcomplete denial of all established authority and institutions


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