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  1. personification
  2. stylistic devices
  3. jejune
  4. epanalepsis
  5. fabricate
  1. a a general term referring to diction, syntax, tone, figurative language, and all other elements that contribute to the manner of a given piece of discourse
  2. b lacking interest or significance
  3. c opening and closing a sentence with the same word or phrase for surprise and emphasis
  4. d a. to assemble or construct
    b. to make up with the intention of deceiving
  5. e a figure of speech in which objects and animals are given human characteristics

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  1. to conclude or decide from something known or assumed; derive by reasoning
  2. (n) a comic imitation of the style, form, or content of a serious peice of work
    (n) a performance that is so bad as to constitue a mockery of the thing it is intended to represent
    (v) to imitate in a mocking or unworthy way
  3. (adj) advantageous to one's interests
    (n) an emergency course of action; a means to an end
  4. an environment that consists of time, place, historical milieu, and social, political, and even spiritual circumstances
  5. the real or assumed personality used by a writer or speaker. In grammer, refers to the use of verbs

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  1. imageryanything in a literary work that calls up sensations of sight, taste, smell, touch, heat, pressure


  2. vacuousto treat openly with scorn or contempt


  3. winnowtreat by exposure to a current of air so that waste matter is eliminated


  4. transitiona stylistic device used to create a link between ideas


  5. harbringerthe entire body of words used in a test, not simply isolated bits of diction


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