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  1. nominal
  2. mock epic
  3. inherent
  4. gullible
  5. setting
  1. a a. existing in name only
    b. insignificantly small
  2. b an environment that consists of time, place, historical milieu, and social, political, and even spiritual circumstances
  3. c easily cheated or deceived
  4. d existing as a natural or essential part of
  5. e a parody of traditional epic form

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  1. a synonym for view or feeling; also a refined and tender emotion in literature
  2. an introductory piece of musid; anything that precedes or introduces something else
  3. excessive pride that often affects tone
  4. tending to favor or bring good luck
  5. a mature sexual reproductive cell having a single set of unpaired chromosomes

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  1. pernicioushighly injurious or harmful


  2. plagiarizetake without referencing from someone else's writing or speech


  3. conceita witty or ingenious thought; a diverting or highly fanciful idea, often stated in figurative language


  4. inference/infer(n) a hireling, especially a hired professional soldier
    (adj) motivated solely by a desire for material gain


  5. fallacy, fallacious reasoninga grotesque likeness of striking qualities in person and things


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