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  1. elements
  2. liquid
  3. solution
  4. hydrolysis reactions
  5. atomic nucleus
  1. a Fundamental chemical substances that are made up of collections of only one kind of atom
  2. b Processes that occur when large molecules are broken down into smaller parts by the addition of water
  3. c The central region of an atom
  4. d a homogeneous mixture of ions or molecules of two or more substances
  5. e The phase of matter in which the molecules are strongly attracted to each other, but, because they have more energy, and are farther apart than in a solid, they move past each other more freely

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  1. The attractive forces between ions of opposite charge
  2. Matter that contains two or more substances not in set proportions
  3. forces that combine atoms or ions and hold them together
  4. When the ions of one compound (acid) interact with the ions of another compound (base), forming a salt and water
  5. The total internal kinetic energy of molecules

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  1. covalent bondforces that combine atoms or ions and hold them together


  2. solidThe phase of matter in which the molecules are packed tightly together; they vibrate in place


  3. compoundA kind of matter that consists of a specific number of atoms (or ions) joined to each other in a particular way and held together by chemical bonds


  4. atomic mass unitA unit of measure used to describe the mass of atoms and is equal to 1.67 x 10^(-24) grams, approximately the mass of 1 proton


  5. laws of conservation of energyenergy of motion


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