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  1. Nucleic Acids
  2. virus
  3. tertiary consumers
  4. Saliva
  5. Pioneer Species
  1. a Nucleotides, stores information. Ex: DNA, RNA
  2. b ultramicroscopic infectious agent that replicates itself only within cells of living hosts
  3. c a mucus and enzyme-containing liquid secreted by the mouth that begins to break down starches and makes food easier to swallow
  4. d first species to populate an area during primary succession
  5. e Carnivores that eat other Carnivores

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  1. A molecule that is a constituent of the inner bilayer of biological membranes, having a polar, hydrophilic head and a nonpolar, hydrophobic tail.
  2. single-celled organisms that lack a nucleus; prokaryotes
  3. energy inside of cell
  4. a part of the cell containing DNA and RNA and responsible for growth and reproduction
  5. a measure of how acidic or basic a solution is

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  1. Taigabiome in which the winters are cold but summers are mild enough to allow the ground to thaw


  2. Primary consumersCarnivores that eat other Carnivores


  3. large intestineorgan that begins with the cecum and ends with the rectum.


  4. Mitochondriaa vast treeless plain in the arctic regions between the ice cap and the tree line


  5. Cell Respirationthe process in cells in which oxygen is used to release stored energy by breaking down sugar molecules


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