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  1. Nucleic Acids
  2. Ph level
  3. Parasitism
  4. cytoskeleton
  5. Proteins
  1. a network of protein filaments within some cells that helps the cell maintain its shape and is involved in many forms of cell movement
  2. b a measure of how acidic or basic a solution is
  3. c Nucleotides, stores information. Ex: DNA, RNA
  4. d the relation between two different kinds of organisms in which one receives benefits from the other by causing damage to it (usually not fatal damage)
  5. e Amino Acids, Enzymes. Ex: Catalase

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  1. animals that feed on producers; ex. herbivores
  2. Large organ just above the stomach that produces bile
  3. single-celled organisms that lack a nucleus; prokaryotes
  4. a vast treeless plain in the arctic regions between the ice cap and the tree line
  5. cell organelle filled with enzymes needed to break down certain materials in the cell

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  1. Mutualismsymbiotic relationship in which both species benefit from the relationship


  2. virusa community of living organisms of a single major ecological region


  3. phospholipidsfats and oils, long terms energy storage. ex: any bacon fat


  4. Eukaryotescells without nucleus


  5. carbohydratesstarches and sugars, gives energy. ex: glucose


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