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US History Chapter 15 Test

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  1. Chancellorsville
  2. Green Backs
  3. Martial Law
  4. Andrew Johnson
  5. Antietam
  1. a a piece of U.S. paper money first issued by the North during the Civil War
  2. b in May 1863, Virginia, Lee smashed General Joe Hooker, who lost 17,000 men to an army half the size of his.
  3. c a form of military rule that includes suspending Bill of Rights guarantees
  4. d Vice President under Lincoln. Took office after Lincoln's assassination.
  5. e McClellan found a copy of Lee's plans and realized that the Confederate forces were divided and he could destroy Lee's army. McClellan attacked Lee at Antietam Creek in 1862. He forced Lee to retreat back into Virginia but his army was too damaged to pursue Lee and finish him.

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  1. Women would help on farms and handle chores. Many Women worked as government clerks and factory workers—including dangerous work in factories and making weapons and ammunition for soldiers. Some women also went with armies in the field, cooking, sewing, and washing.
  2. The Battle of Gettysburg was significant because after 28,000 confederate men are killed, Lee decides to retreat. In turn, the Union army intended to pursue Lee. The Union only lost 23,000 men.
  3. increasing pressure from abolitionists and Radical Republicans to turn the war into a crusade against slave so as to destroy an institution that violated human principles of freedom and dignity. He also realized no European government would defend the South in a war to abolish slavery.
  4. Opposed Lincoln's view that the war was only to preserve the Union and his refusal to make the end of slavery a goal of the war.
  5. Advantages of the North: the Union's three-pronged military strategy; Superior resources; twice the population Advantages of the South: Better army because of strong military tradition; resources provided by Europe

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  1. Richmond, VAThe Union wanted to capture the Confederate capital at Richmond, Virginia which was later destroyed my Sherman's march


  2. Appomattoxcourt house famous as the site of the surrender of the Confederate Army under Robert E. Lee to Union commander Ulysses S. Grant


  3. FarragutA battle about 30 miles from Washington, D.C., when 30,000 Northern troops fought a smaller Confederate force near a stream called Bull Run. Indication of war and the travesty of war. People thought they could have a "picnic" and watch the battle.
    In this battle, technology aids the South (telegraph for more troops brought by train).


  4. Jonathan Kingwar on all aspects of the enemy's life


  5. Battle of New Orleanscommander of the Confederate army


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