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  1. Battle of New Orleans
  2. Explain Lincoln's timing in issuing the Emancipation Proclamation.(422)
  3. Gen. Sherman
  4. Radical Republicans
  5. George McClellan
  1. a Opposed Lincoln's view that the war was only to preserve the Union and his refusal to make the end of slavery a goal of the war.
  2. b The Union troops forced Lee's troops to retreat, but they lost too many people and were damaged to pursue Lee and finish him. Lincoln was not completely happy with the Union army's actions.
  3. c Union general who put together a force of soldiers called the Army of the Potomac, after the previous disaster of Bull Run
  4. d Northern general who was put in charge after no other generals could defeat Lee. He marched into Virginia, set fire to Atlanta and destroyed Richmond.
  5. e During the night, David Farragut led 20/24 ships successfully past several forts into the port of New Orleans, where it surrendered without a shot.

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  1. Union forces, led by General Ulysses S. Grant, reached Jackson, the capital of Mississippi. They then turned and fought their way to Vicksburg. Grant then laid siege to Vicksburg. Conditions were harsh: they starved and ate horses, mules, and dogs. July 4, 1863, Vicksburg surrenders.
  2. McClellan found a copy of Lee's plans and realized that the Confederate forces were divided and he could destroy Lee's army. McClellan attacked Lee at Antietam Creek in 1862. He forced Lee to retreat back into Virginia but his army was too damaged to pursue Lee and finish him.
  3. in May 1863, Virginia, Lee smashed General Joe Hooker, who lost 17,000 men to an army half the size of his.
  4. The Battle of Gettysburg was significant because after 28,000 confederate men are killed, Lee decides to retreat. In turn, the Union army intended to pursue Lee. The Union only lost 23,000 men.
  5. Commander of the Union Navy, led 20/24 ships successfully past several forts into the port of New Orleans, where it surrendered without a shot.

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  1. Martial Lawwar on all aspects of the enemy's life


  2. Union PartyAfter the war, worked to identify thousands of soldiers who had perished at the Andersonville prison camp; founded the American Red Cross.


  3. Explain the differences in strategy of the North and South.(422)Unions three pronged strategy - capture the Mississippi River. 2.Blockade the southern ports. 3. Capture Richmond virginia. Southern strategy - kept and used a strong army


  4. Jonathan Kingwar on all aspects of the enemy's life


  5. Examine how the tactics used by Union generals Philip Sheridan and William Sherman.(435)advancing instead of retreating after every loss and attacking Lee in bloody battles. Grant knew he could replace his losses while his enemy could not. Superior numbers & a war of attrition.


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