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  1. en la cocina
  2. en el jardín
  3. en el dormitorio
  4. los quehaceres domésticos
  5. recoger
  1. a housework
  2. b in the kitchen
  3. c to pick up, put away
  4. d in the yard
  5. e in the bedroom

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  1. to clean the bathtub
  2. oven
  3. to cut the grass
  4. to weed
  5. to sweep the floor

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  1. vaciar la papelerato take out the trash


  2. en la lavanderíawashing machine


  3. la manguerahose


  4. la secadoraclothes dryer


  5. poner los platos en el lava platosto put dishes in the dishwasher


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