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  1. atender
  2. olvidarse de
  3. actual
  4. molestarse vs. molestarle
  5. relatar
  1. a =to help/care for someone (to attend to a dying relative)

    NOTTTT "to attend a concert"--> acudir a/asistir
  2. b to get annoyed vs. to annoy
  3. c =to tell a story

    NOTTTT "to relate to someone" --> relacionar
  4. d =in the present, "current" "now"

    NOTTTT "actually"--> en realidad, de veras
  5. e to forget ; REFLEXIVE VERB

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  1. pero=but

    sino=but rather=contrasting ideas
  2. to meet; gather ; REFLEXIVE VERB
  3. tocar=to play an instrument

    jugar=to play something for fun (game/sport)
  4. -Se me cayó el café.
    -Profesor, se me olvidó la tarea.
    -Se nos hizo tarde!
    * se + complemento indirecto + verbo en tres persona
  5. gastar=to spend money or other resources

    pasar=to elapse time

5 True/False questions

  1. dormirse vs. dormirto fall asleep vs. to sleep ; REFLEXIVE VERB


  2. pensar en vs. pensar de/sobre vs. pensarahorrar=to not spend money

    guardar=to conserve, retain something

    salvar=to free from danger


  3. parecerse vs. parecerleto look like vs. to seem like


  4. casarse conto remember ; REFLEXIVE VERB


  5. usos de ESTAR=temporario, lugar, emociones (estoy feliz)
    • con participio pasado
    -se enfatiza un resulto
    -NO USA "POR"
    -tambien es concuerda con el sujeto


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