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  1. realizar vs. darse cuento de
  2. the future tense
  3. aburrirse vs. aburrirle
  4. actual
  5. volver vs. devolver
  1. a realizar=to perform, to make something a reality

    darse cuento de=to realize, "to arrive @ knowing something"
  2. b volver=to return back to a place

    devolver=to return a book or object (from borrowing)
  3. c -significa "will"
    -traduce en ingles "I wonder" --> para expresar posibilidades en el presente
    -é ás á emos éis án
  4. d to get bored vs. to bore someone
  5. e =in the present, "current" "now"

    NOTTTT "actually"--> en realidad, de veras

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  1. tocar=to play an instrument

    jugar=to play something for fun (game/sport)
  2. to make fun of ; REFLEXIVE VERB
  3. to get accustomed to ; REFLEXIVE VERB
  4. to forget ; REFLEXIVE VERB
  5. querr, tendr, sabr, vendr, saldr, habr, pondr, podr, cabr, dir, valdr, har

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  1. casarse conto get married to ; REFLEXIVE VERB


  2. acostarseto go to bed ; REFLEXIVE VERB


  3. el presente perfecto-conecta un pasado con el presente
    -el poeta está triste porque se perro ha muerto.
    -he has ha hemos heis han


  4. el tiempo vs. la vez vs. la horael tiempo=duration (i passed a lot of time sleeping)

    la vez=one moment (the second time, i tripeed..)

    la hora=the hour, the determined moment of the day


  5. preocuparse de vs. preocuparle deto be worried vs. to worry another


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