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  1. relatar
  2. el presente perfecto
  3. el personaje vs. el carácter
  4. pequeño vs. poco
  5. marcharse
  1. a el personaje=the figure in a movie, book, (mi personaje favorita en HP es Hermione..)

    el carácter=the character of someone (él tiene un carácter cómico y cariño)
  2. b -conecta un pasado con el presente
    -el poeta está triste porque se perro ha muerto.
    -he has ha hemos heis han
  3. c =to tell a story

    NOTTTT "to relate to someone" --> relacionar
  4. d to leave; take off ; REFLEXIVE VERB
  5. e pequeño=refers to size, opposite of GRANDE

    poco=refers to amount, opposite of MUCHO

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  1. =to help/care for someone (to attend to a dying relative)

    NOTTTT "to attend a concert"--> acudir a/asistir
  2. =as a result of (the man became more compassionate as a result of having a daughter)
  3. to fall in love with ; REFLEXIVE VERB
  4. to get closer to ; REFLEXIVE VERB
  5. =to be present at a place (concierto, fiesta)

    NOTTTT "to assist someone"--> atender

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  1. enojarse vs. enojarleto stay vs. to fit/have left


  2. asustarse vs. asustarleto get bored vs. to bore someone


  3. the conditional tense-significa "would"/ must/ should
    -traduce en ingles "I wonder" --> para expresar posibilidades en el pasado
    -ía ías ía íamos íais ían


  4. preocuparse de vs. preocuparle deto be worried vs. to worry another


  5. divertirse vs. divertirleto wake up vs. to wake another up


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