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  1. los tiempos perfectos: IRREGS
  2. the conditional tense
  3. aburrirse vs. aburrirle
  4. acostumbrarse a
  5. dormirse vs. dormir
  1. a -significa "would"/ must/ should
    -traduce en ingles "I wonder" --> para expresar posibilidades en el pasado
    -ía ías ía íamos íais ían
  2. b to get bored vs. to bore someone
  3. c to fall asleep vs. to sleep ; REFLEXIVE VERB
  4. d abierto, escrito, muerto, roto, cubierto, hecho, puesto, visto, dicho, impreso, resuelto, vuelto, devuelto, descrito, impuesto, decubierto
  5. e to get accustomed to ; REFLEXIVE VERB

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. =to help/care for someone (to attend to a dying relative)

    NOTTTT "to attend a concert"--> acudir a/asistir
  2. to go to bed ; REFLEXIVE VERB
  3. saber=to be informed or know something specific (to sé la historia del estado california)

    conocer=to be familiar with a person, place, etc (to conozco a travis)
  4. =to be present at a place (concierto, fiesta)

    NOTTTT "to assist someone"--> atender
  5. to get discouraged ; REFLEXIVE VERB

5 True/False Questions

  1. pequeño vs. pocopequeño=refers to size, opposite of GRANDE

    poco=refers to amount, opposite of MUCHO


  2. preocuparse de vs. preocuparle deto be worried vs. to worry another


  3. acercarse ato get closer to ; REFLEXIVE VERB


  4. a causa deto complain ; REFLEXIVE VERB


  5. hacerse vs. ponerse vs. llegar a ser vs. volverse~hacerse=to bring about a change in something's state (se hizo rico, me hice profesor)
    *ponerse=to change in an involuntary manner (rojo)
    ~llegar a ser=involuntary arrival @ something (llegar a ser amigos, llegaron a ser rico al ganar la loteria)
    *volverse=to describe something sudden (emocional)


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