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  1. el personaje vs. el carácter
  2. asustarse vs. asustarle
  3. saber vs. conocer
  4. volver vs. devolver
  5. la falta
  1. a to get scared vs. to scare someone
  2. b =the lack of/at fault

    NOTTTT "someone's fault"--> la culpa
  3. c el personaje=the figure in a movie, book, (mi personaje favorita en HP es Hermione..)

    el carácter=the character of someone (él tiene un carácter cómico y cariño)
  4. d volver=to return back to a place

    devolver=to return a book or object (from borrowing)
  5. e saber=to be informed or know something specific (to sé la historia del estado california)

    conocer=to be familiar with a person, place, etc (to conozco a travis)

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  1. =in the present, "current" "now"

    NOTTTT "actually"--> en realidad, de veras
  2. to wake up vs. to wake another up
  3. pensar en=to have on one's mind

    pensar de/sobre=referring to an opinion (what do you think of...?)

    pensar=to consider or contemplate
  4. querr, tendr, sabr, vendr, saldr, habr, pondr, podr, cabr, dir, valdr, har
  5. ahorrar=to not spend money

    guardar=to conserve, retain something

    salvar=to free from danger

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  1. enamorarse deto fall in love with ; REFLEXIVE VERB


  2. olvidarse deto remember ; REFLEXIVE VERB


  3. quejarse deto complain ; REFLEXIVE VERB


  4. realizar vs. darse cuento deto look like vs. to seem like


  5. pequeño vs. pocopero=but

    sino=but rather=contrasting ideas


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