History Exam Chapter 8 Questions

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What did Queen Isabella do after the Reconquista was complete in 1492?

She launched a crusade against Jews and Muslims

What was an effect of the Black Death?

Workers wanted more money because of the workers that died. Inflation started. People left their towns and villages. Many, many people died.

Why did King John sign the Magna Carta in England in 1215?

Because he started to tax his own nobles and because of other abuses of power.

What did Christian knights capture during the First Crusade in 1099?


What was the Gothic style of architecture noted for?

Tall windows, flying buttresses, stained-glass windows

Why did many rural peasants move to cities during the plaque years of the late 1300s?

To avoid contracting the plaque from neighbors or relatives

Why did the papacy decline in 1309?

Because it was under French domination in Avignon

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