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  1. rotunda
  2. transom
  3. galley
  4. labyrinth
  5. gaff
  1. a kitchen of ship or plane
  2. b intricate structure of interconnecting passages
  3. c large circular building or room, especially one with a dome
  4. d large hook attached to pole, used for landing large fish
  5. e horizontal crosspiece above door or window

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  1. object with projecting horns on which rope may be fastened
  2. a painting on fresh plaster with water-based pigments
  3. encircling ring of light or color
  4. hard, outer covering, such as turtle's upper shell
  5. grotesquely carved figure of human or animal, often found on a building

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  1. gabletriangular end section of a wall


  2. paddockfenced area, chiefly used for grazing horses


  3. threshermachine to separate grain or seeds from straw


  4. hearthfloor of fireplace, usually extending into room


  5. typhoonsmall lake in mountains


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