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  1. cleat
  2. lectern
  3. sloop
  4. awl
  5. paddock
  1. a fenced area, chiefly used for grazing horses
  2. b tool for boring holes
  3. c fore-and-aft rigged boat with one mast and single jib
  4. d object with projecting horns on which rope may be fastened
  5. e reading stand for public speaker

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  1. large dog with short brownish coat
  2. dyed cotton fabric woven into stripes, checks, or solid colors
  3. open space in forest
  4. large, violent whirlpool
  5. encircling ring of light or color

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  1. pillorykitchen of ship or plane


  2. tarntool for boring holes


  3. perambulatorbaby carriage


  4. bellowsinstrument for directing strong current of air through a spout


  5. grueltool for boring holes


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