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  1. rotunda
  2. gruel
  3. harrow
  4. blunderbuss
  5. fez
  1. a farm tool with teeth or disks to break up and level plowed ground
  2. b large circular building or room, especially one with a dome
  3. c man's felt cap shaped like flat-topped cone, usually with hanging tassel
  4. d thin, watery porridge
  5. e short musket with wide muzzle

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  1. old, run-down automobile
  2. open space in forest
  3. horizontal crosspiece above door or window
  4. large hook attached to pole, used for landing large fish
  5. fenced area, chiefly used for grazing horses

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  1. galleykitchen of ship or plane


  2. knollsmall, rounded hill or mound


  3. queueline of waiting people


  4. chignonlarge vessel with handle and spout, used for beverages


  5. gablekitchen of ship or plane


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