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  1. contrivance
  2. chignon
  3. balustrade
  4. levee
  5. scythe
  1. a mechanical device
  2. b handrail and row of posts (balusters) that support it
  3. c embankment raised to prevent flooding
  4. d mowing or reaping tool with long, curved blade and bent handle
  5. e roll of hair worn at the nape of neck

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  1. large, violent whirlpool
  2. closed 4-wheel carriage with open front seat for driver
  3. flaming torch
  4. large hook attached to pole, used for landing large fish
  5. floor of fireplace, usually extending into room

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  1. granarystorehouse for threshed grain


  2. mastifflarge dog with short brownish coat


  3. gruelreinforced eyelet, such as in cloth or leather


  4. queueline of waiting people


  5. gladelarge hook attached to pole, used for landing large fish


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