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  1. typhoon
  2. gaff
  3. brooch
  4. chignon
  5. rotunda
  1. a ornament held by pin or clasp and worn near neck
  2. b roll of hair worn at the nape of neck
  3. c large circular building or room, especially one with a dome
  4. d tropical cyclone or hurricane of the West Pacific area
  5. e large hook attached to pole, used for landing large fish

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  1. heavy block of iron or steel with smooth, flat top on which metals are shaped by hammering
  2. kitchen of ship or plane
  3. intricate structure of interconnecting passages
  4. fenced area, chiefly used for grazing horses
  5. thin, watery porridge

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  1. awltriangular end section of a wall


  2. leveeembankment raised to prevent flooding


  3. pillorywooden framework with locking holes for head and hands, used for public punishment


  4. scepterstaff held (usually by king or queen) as sign of authority


  5. ginghamstrap that secures a pack or saddle


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