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  1. flambeau
  2. rotunda
  3. flagon
  4. tarn
  5. moor
  1. a broad area of open, often boggy land
  2. b large vessel with handle and spout, used for beverages
  3. c small lake in mountains
  4. d large circular building or room, especially one with a dome
  5. e flaming torch

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  1. short musket with wide muzzle
  2. open space in forest
  3. floor of fireplace, usually extending into room
  4. baby carriage
  5. object with projecting horns on which rope may be fastened

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  1. gafftriangular end section of a wall


  2. granaryhorizontal crosspiece above door or window


  3. fezman's felt cap shaped like flat-topped cone, usually with hanging tassel


  4. balustradehandrail and row of posts (balusters) that support it


  5. harrowfarm tool with teeth or disks to break up and level plowed ground


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