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  1. ------ capture solar energy and use photosynthesis to produce sugars
  2. The origins in all phosphorus in biological tissue is
  3. the rate at which biomass becomes available to consumers is termed
  4. the biosphere consists of the
  5. taiga and tundra both
  1. a producers
  2. b sum of all the planets living organisms and the abiotic portions of the environment
  3. c or phosphorus dissolved int he ocean and taken up by shellfis
  4. d have low temperature throughout the year
  5. e ecosystem productivity

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  1. public education, introduction of appropriate predators , examination of imported goods.
  2. C) quickly soaked into the loose soil, watering the grasses
  3. primary consumers
  4. A) the prairie dogs kept the soil loose, so rain sank in and grasses grew
  5. intraspecific competition

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  1. zoooplankton-eating fish areunderground water reservoirs


  2. which of the following are pioneer speciesare helped by the presence of zebra mussels


  3. desert and tundra have bothhave low temperature throughout the year


  4. Aquifers areare required in large amounts for organism to survive


  5. herbivory is a type ofunderground water reservoirs


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