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  1. the origin in all nitrogen in biological tissue is
  2. ------ capture solar energy and use photosynthesis to produce sugars
  3. In a previous chapter you read about "keystone species." How do the prairie dogs in this story meet the
    definition of a keystone species?
  4. Prairie dogs constantly dig though the soil, making new burrows. They est the grasses, roots and all. This probably contributes
  5. A small section of prairie grasses, over a year, produces enough biomass to feed insects, mice, rabbits, birds, deer, antelope, and a host of decomposers. The amount of food potentially available to the herbivores is the
  1. a lightning
  2. b producers
  3. c net primary production
  4. d E) prairie dogs were part of a negative feedback loop once they were removed
  5. e Their burrows loosened the soil and served as homes for other species; they helped with nutrient
    recycling. They helped water sink into the soil and kept soil loose for grassroots. When they were
    removed, the system collapsed.

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  1. A) the prairie dogs kept the soil loose, so rain sank in and grasses grew
  2. ecosystem productivity
  3. Efforts at urban restoration intend to undo damage done to communities due to urban development.
  4. symbiotic
  5. dynamic equilibrum

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  1. individuals of a single species fighting over access to a limiting resource is one example ofecosystem productivity


  2. When the rains came down on the rocky mountainsides, the water ran down into the grasslands where the
    prairie dogs were active and ________.
    C) quickly soaked into the loose soil, watering the grasses


  3. By definition, parasites-----their hostsfeed on and harm


  4. Aquifers areunderground water reservoirs


  5. humans have dramatically altered the rate of nitrogen fixation into forms usable by autotrophslightning


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