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  1. Macronutrients
  2. herbivory is a type of
  3. The ranchers now wanted to bring back the prairie dogs because they realized that ________.
  4. individuals of a single species fighting over access to a limiting resource is one example of
  5. When the rains came down on the rocky mountainsides, the water ran down into the grasslands where the
    prairie dogs were active and ________.
  1. a are required in large amounts for organism to survive
  2. b A) the prairie dogs kept the soil loose, so rain sank in and grasses grew
  3. c predation
  4. d C) quickly soaked into the loose soil, watering the grasses
  5. e intraspecific competition

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  1. system
  2. are helped by the presence of zebra mussels
  3. sum of all the planets living organisms and the abiotic portions of the environment
  4. underground water reservoirs
  5. ecosystem productivity

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  1. a system receiving inputs and producing outputs without undergoing any changes in size or function is said to be indynamic equilibrum


  2. Environmentally and economically acceptable means of controlling introduced invasive specieslichens


  3. the largest pools of carbon in the carbon cycle areare helped by the presence of zebra mussels


  4. desert and tundra have bothhave relatively low precipitation


  5. By definition, parasites-----their hostshave relatively low precipitation


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