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  1. Environmentally and economically acceptable means of controlling introduced invasive species
  2. Efforts at urban restoration
  3. A natural ecosystem, undamaged by human activity, is
  4. taiga and tundra both
  5. In a previous chapter you read about "keystone species." How do the prairie dogs in this story meet the
    definition of a keystone species?
  1. a Their burrows loosened the soil and served as homes for other species; they helped with nutrient
    recycling. They helped water sink into the soil and kept soil loose for grassroots. When they were
    removed, the system collapsed.
  2. b have low temperature throughout the year
  3. c a closed system of organic and inorganic materials as well as energy; where everything is recycled.
  4. d Efforts at urban restoration intend to undo damage done to communities due to urban development.
  5. e public education, introduction of appropriate predators , examination of imported goods.

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  1. net primary production
  2. sedimentary rocks and fossil fuels
  3. dynamic equilibrum
  4. as we produce synthetics fertilizers and apply them to crops, lawns and parks
  5. producers

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  1. rocks that have undergone heat or pressure that causes it to change form is calledmetamorphic


  2. grazing animals such as deersprimary consumers


  3. the biosphere consists of thepredation


  4. Aquifers areare required in large amounts for organism to survive


  5. microbes in our digestive tract represent a type of-----relationshipsymbiotic


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