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  1. chaste
  2. injunction
  3. attribute
  4. requite
  5. loath
  1. a virtuous; not indulging in unlawful sexual activity, said especially of women; pure; decent or modest in nature, behavior, etc.; modest and simple in style
  2. b a command or order; a writ or order from a court prohibiting a person or group from carrying out a given action
  3. c unwilling, reluctant (usually followed by an infinitive = I am ____ to go.)
  4. d a characteristic or quality of a person or thing
  5. e to repay for a benefit, service, etc., or an injury or wrong

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  1. temporary; earthly; civil, not spiritual
  2. a vault for burial; grave; tomb; a place for the safekeeping of relics, as in an altar
  3. the way one appears; looks
  4. originally, management of domestic affairs, resources, etc.; careful, thrifty management; farming
  5. a bitter or prejudiced state of mind, caused by jealousy, envy, etc.; yellowish discoloration of tissues and bodily fluids with bile pigment

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  1. constrainedconfined; held back; restrained


  2. forbeara noisy fight or brawl


  3. gildto overlay with a thin layer of gold; to make appear bright and attractive; to make (something) seem more attractive or more valuable than it really is


  4. solemnizeto celebrate with formal ceremony or according to ritual


  5. impugnto attribute, especially a fault or misconduct, to another; to charge with; to accuse (imputation=accusation)


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