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  1. surfeit
  2. chaste
  3. accoutered
  4. oration
  5. sepulcher
  1. a virtuous; not indulging in unlawful sexual activity, said especially of women; pure; decent or modest in nature, behavior, etc.; modest and simple in style
  2. b outfitted and equipped; dressed
  3. c to feed or supply to excess
  4. d a formal public speech, esp. one given in connection with a ceremony
  5. e a vault for burial; grave; tomb; a place for the safekeeping of relics, as in an altar

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  1. a large ship, especially a merchant ship; a fleet of such ships
  2. to overlay with a thin layer of gold; to make appear bright and attractive; to make (something) seem more attractive or more valuable than it really is
  3. a rod or staff, highly ornamental, held by rulers on ceremonial occasions as a symbol of sovereignty
  4. originally, management of domestic affairs, resources, etc.; careful, thrifty management; farming
  5. an identifying uniform such as was formerly worn by feudal retainers or servants or those in some particular group, trade, etc.; the stabling and care of horses

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  1. perjurythe act or practice of lending money at interest, now specifically at a rate of interest that is excessive or unlawfully high


  2. heinousabominable; outrageously evil or wicked


  3. stereotypewhy (in Shakespeare's day); which or therefore today


  4. solemnizeto celebrate with formal ceremony or according to ritual


  5. precedentan act, statement, legal decision, case, etc., that may serve as an example, reason, or justification for a later decision


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