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  1. bacchanalia
  2. amphora
  3. antebellum
  4. errare humanum est
  5. ex officio
  1. a before the war; commonly used to describe art, culture, etc. in US before the civil war era.
  2. b Latin for "to err is human" the idea that humans are by nature fallible
  3. c a tall, 2 handled vase/urn often used to carry wine.
  4. d by virtue of the office; used to show some aspect a person controls by virtue of their role in another office
  5. e Greco-Roman spring time festivals to honor the god of wine; often accompanied by theatrical performances and became synonymous with drunken debauchery.

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  1. a fire breathing monster which was a lioness with serpent for a tail and with a goat in the mid section.
  2. the study of the origin of language, the words themselves, and the change in definition of words.
  3. ever upward! state motto of New York
  4. in good faith. means something that is done in a sincere attempt.
  5. a mythic creature with the torso and head of a man, but the body and legs of a horse. known for their battle with the lapiths in the attempted abduction of Hippodamia.

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  1. bellicoseLatin derivative meaning "warlike, hostile"


  2. Apenninesthe mountain range running north to south that forms a spine in the center of the Italian peninsula.


  3. alumnus/alumninourished boy/boys; male graduate/s of an institution.


  4. Danaids50 women who killed their husbands on their wedding night; depicted as being tortured in Hades as having to carry water in leaky jugs thus never completing their task into eternity.


  5. alpha and omegaa tall, 2 handled vase/urn often used to carry wine.


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