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  1. aegis
  2. alibi
  3. bellicose
  4. amor omnia vincit
  5. Etruscans
  1. a the people who inhabited central Italy before and during the early history of Rome.
  2. b love conquers all; phrase from Vergil's poem Eclogue 10.
  3. c Latin derivative meaning "warlike, hostile"
  4. d breastplate; currently it means a source of protection for a group, individual, or idea.
  5. e in legal terms, it is the attempt to show that a defendant was not present at a crime location because others can place him/her at that time in a different place. From the Latin that means somewhere else.

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  1. Latin for "and the others" often used to shorten a list of many names.
  2. a tall, 2 handled vase/urn often used to carry wine.
  3. legendary "city in/under the sea" referenced by Plato, it is a metaphor for a city-state of great power, technological advancement.
  4. the bundled twigs around an ax which was the symbol of military control held by a dictator. fascists derive their name from this item.
  5. ever upward! state motto of New York

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  1. ArchimedesGreek scientist/philosopher who is credited with discovering water displacement to find the volume/density of objects as well as many other scientific and mathematic discoveries. Famously associated with the exclamation "Eureka" (I found it!)"


  2. alumna/alumnaenourished girl/girls; female graduates of an institution.


  3. etymologythe study of the origin of language, the words themselves, and the change in definition of words.


  4. Chimeraa fire breathing monster which was a lioness with serpent for a tail and with a goat in the mid section.


  5. amphitheatera large, public open-air arena where entertainment events were held, such as gladiatorial combat.


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