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  1. o Stories told by Jesus
    o Helped relate truths of the faith to ordinary aspects of life
    o Makes God more understandable
  2. o "I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty... a stranger... naked... ill... in prison" (Mt. 25: 3-46).

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  1. Things we learn from Jesus' baptismo Reveals his divine glory to Peter, James and John
    o Moses and Elijah are present
    o Jesus shines like the sun and clothes become white as light
    o Reveals the Trinity (Father - voice, Holy Spirit - shining cloud)


  2. Elements/Characteristics of Self-Giving (or Self-Sacrificing) Loveo We must love God deeply.
    o Our love must be interpersonal, extending to near neighbors, relatives, families, friends.
    o Our love must be personal. We must love ourselves to love others.
    o Our love must be social. We must love not only our "near neighbors" who have names and faces, but also our sisters and brothers who are "distant neighbors."


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