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  1. female somatic cells
  2. Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE)
  3. underestimates the low dose effect of rad.
  4. Law of B & T states
  5. Radiation of macromolecules effects
  1. a comparison of dose to test dose of 250 keV that produces the same biological response
  2. b main chain scission, cross linking, and point lesion
  3. c stem cells more radiosens.
  4. d linear quadratic dose response curves
  5. e 44 autosomes and two x

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  1. identifies doses that result in inability to reproduce
  2. indicates any rad. dose produces an effect
  3. in cytoplasm
  4. gray
  5. rad. resistant

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  1. cell divides twice and chromosomes duplicate onceDuring metaphase


  2. spermatogoniahigh rad. sens.


  3. threshold dose response curveindicates any rad. dose produces an effect


  4. Diploid 2n23


  5. effect is not directly proportional to the dose curveindicates any rad. dose produces an effect


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