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  1. 3 events of cell radiation
  2. unit of dose equivalent occupational exposure
  3. threshold dose response curve
  4. non threshold dose response curve
  5. Linear dose response
  1. a indicates a radiation level below which no effect is observed
  2. b indicates any rad. dose produces an effect
  3. c observed response is directly proportional to dose
  4. d slows mitosis, interphase death, and cell death
  5. e rem/sievert

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  1. capable of giving off rays or particles from it's nucleus
  2. atomic bomb 1945, x-rays 1895, radium in 1896
  3. roentgen
  4. 23
  5. signoid dose response curve

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  1. effect is not directly proportional to the dose curvesigmoid dose response curve


  2. radiosensitivity depends on what?what cell cycle+= mitosis


  3. intestinal cryptrad. resistant


  4. Protoplasms containrate at which a desired effect is produced


  5. Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE)44 autosomes and two x


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