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  1. spermatogonia
  2. Target theory
  3. radiosensitivity depends on what?
  4. indirect ionization causes
  5. unit of dose equivalent occupational exposure
  1. a high rad. sens.
  2. b what cell cycle+= mitosis
  3. c this concept is that there is a sensitive key molecule in the cell (namely DNA), and for the cell to die DNA must be inactivated
  4. d rem/sievert
  5. e direct effect

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  1. observed response is directly proportional to dose
  2. genetic mutation by radiation
  3. 1/2 or 23 single chromosomes
  4. rad. resistant
  5. separation of water into hydrogen and oxygen

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  1. Leukemia, breast ca. and other genetic damage DRC?linear,non threshold


  2. nerve cellsrad. resistant


  3. measure of ionization in air by x or gamma raysroentgen


  4. LET Linear Energy Transfercolumbs/kilo


  5. effect is not directly proportional to the dose curvesigmoid dose response curve


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