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  1. chondrocytes
  2. SI unit for rem
  3. Protoplasms contain
  4. effect is not directly proportional to the dose curve
  5. threshold dose response curve
  1. a rad. resistant
  2. b organic and inorganic compounds
  3. c sigmoid dose response curve
  4. d indicates a radiation level below which no effect is observed
  5. e Sievert

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  1. main chain scission, cross linking, and point lesion
  2. DNA is a critical target of exposure
  3. assumes any radiation dose produces an effect
  4. 85 %
  5. roentgen

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  1. As LET increases what happens to RBEit also increases


  2. intestinal crypthigh rad. sens.


  3. reproductive failurecapable of giving off rays or particles from it's nucleus


  4. germ cells contain (haploid)1/2 or 23 single chromosomes


  5. LET Linear Energy Transfermeasure of rate at which energy is deposited as charged particles travel through matter


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