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  1. Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE)
  2. cell organelles location
  3. high dose effects observed in radiotherapy curve
  4. reduction/division
  5. water
  1. a comparison of dose to test dose of 250 keV that produces the same biological response
  2. b signoid dose response curve
  3. c in cytoplasm
  4. d meiosis
  5. e most commonly acted upon by ionizing radiation producing indirect effects

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  1. DNA is a critical target of exposure
  2. assumes any radiation dose produces an effect
  3. sigmoid dose response curve
  4. Chance and probability = random
  5. direct effects

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  1. Linear quadratic dose response curves areindicates any rad. dose produces an effect


  2. cell survival curvehigh rad. sens.


  3. radiolysisseparation of water into hydrogen and oxygen


  4. female somatic cells44 autosomes and two x


  5. germ cells contain (haploid)1/2 or 23 single chromosomes


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