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  1. indirect ionization causes
  2. Used for effects of low doses of low LET
  3. threshold dose response curve
  4. male somatic cells
  5. Diagnostic Radiology dose response curve type
  1. a linear, non threshold
  2. b linear quadratic dose response curve
  3. c indicates a radiation level below which no effect is observed
  4. d 44 autosomes and one x and one y
  5. e direct effect

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  1. Chance and probability = random
  2. comparison of dose to test dose of 250 keV that produces the same biological response
  3. it also increases
  4. rad
  5. linear quadratic dose response curves

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  1. intestinal cryptrad. resistant


  2. 3 events of cell radiationslows mitosis, interphase death, and cell death


  3. reduction/divisionmeiosis


  4. female somatic cells44 autosomes and one x and one y


  5. metabolismgenetic mutation by radiation


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