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  1. cell survival curve
  2. protoplasm is how much water
  3. effect is not directly proportional to the dose curve
  4. cell organelles location
  5. cell divides twice and chromosomes duplicate once
  1. a identifies doses that result in inability to reproduce
  2. b meiosis
  3. c in cytoplasm
  4. d sigmoid dose response curve
  5. e 85 %

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  1. linear, non threshold
  2. meiosis
  3. 23
  4. separation of water into hydrogen and oxygen
  5. linear quadratic dose response curves

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  1. reproductive failurecell cannot divide after irradiation


  2. SI unit for remcolumbs/kilo


  3. threshold dose response curveindicates a radiation level below which no effect is observed


  4. Radiation of macromolecules effectsChance and probability = random


  5. non thresholdradiation type, cell tissue type, physiologic condition, biologic result examined, and dose rate


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