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  1. mutagenesis
  2. RBE factors
  3. Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE)
  4. radiolysis
  5. radioactive
  1. a separation of water into hydrogen and oxygen
  2. b capable of giving off rays or particles from it's nucleus
  3. c radiation type, cell tissue type, physiologic condition, biologic result examined, and dose rate
  4. d comparison of dose to test dose of 250 keV that produces the same biological response
  5. e genetic mutation by radiation

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  1. 23
  2. in cytoplasm
  3. this concept is that there is a sensitive key molecule in the cell (namely DNA), and for the cell to die DNA must be inactivated
  4. meiosis
  5. observed response is directly proportional to dose

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  1. Used for effects of low doses of low LETlinear quadratic dose response curves


  2. SI unit for radhigh rad. sens.


  3. amount of energy absorbed in mattermeasure of rate at which energy is deposited as charged particles travel through matter


  4. remoccupational exposure measure


  5. cell survival curveidentifies doses that result in inability to reproduce


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