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  1. Tartars
  2. Henry V
  3. Seljuk Turks
  4. Leonin
  5. pagan holidays
  1. a means "those from hell" a name given to the Mongols because of their vast numbers.
  2. b The earliest known signed piece by Perotin
  3. c Muslims who had conquered the Holy Land and the Byzantine emperor called for Christians to drive them from it - started the Crusades
  4. d Saturnalia-Christmas, fertility festival-Easter, Floralia-Pentecost, festival for the dead-All Soul's Day (Halloween)
  5. e After seeing apprehension in the faces of troops, he gave a passionate speech that excited and rededicated his soldiers which led to a victory the next day.

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  1. innovation to help with agriculture
  2. located beyond the intersection of the cross. The choir often sits on benches that go along the sides of the [ ]. Sides of this area are also called the choir.
  3. a small colony left on Hispaniola (modern Haiti and the Domincan Republic)
  4. Chaucer's greatest work, gives insights into the historical setting of the fourteenth century.
  5. designated times and prayers

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  1. Pendentivesthe transitions that allowed this architecture. They are structural elements between the tops of the arches that bend inward and around to form a circular opening on which the dome can rest.


  2. Yuan DynastyDynasty in China set up by the Mongols under the leadership of Kublai Khan, replaced the Song (1279-1368)


  3. Englandyoung Germanic emperor, lost power, tried to regain it but caused strain in the church - a weakness was est in the Holy Roman Empire that would never be fully repaired


  4. "High" Middle Ageshad an excellent reputation for its school of theology.


  5. Tercetsthree-line verses that rhyme with the first and third line.


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