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  1. benefices
  2. Gold Coast
  3. Minstrels
  4. Genoa
  5. Abbot Suger
  1. a the earliest trading rival to Venice.
  2. b head of church at St-Denis wanted to show support for Louis VI, by making St-Denis the most important religious site in Europe.
  3. c areas under a bishop's control from which taxes were collected
  4. d derived from the word "Minne" meaning ideal or chivalric love. Minstrels would go around singing songs/poetry of love.
  5. e located in subSaharan Africa where a lot of wealth was available from the precious metals, ivory, and jewels.

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  1. A craftsman in the city of Mainz, Germany. Responsible for the greatest invention of the age.
  2. location for a large cathedral where French kings were crowned, a successful pilgrimage destination
  3. traveled on sea for two whole years, the longest recorded in history at that time (to India) and brought back spices
  4. one of the children of King John. came in contact with the riches of Muslim Africa. Led the Portuguese army in the conquest of Cuerta.
  5. the only female head of state in China's history. Was educated in the arts and had a very sharp mind.

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  1. Knightsinitially so merchants could band together for safety, later for artisans to regulate quality and prices for their goods


  2. University of BolognaA daughter of Alexander the VI who may have poisoned her husband.


  3. Henry IVone of the composers associated with Notre Dame Cathedral. Was innovate in creating music for four simultaneous voices


  4. caravellocated beyond the intersection of the cross. The choir often sits on benches that go along the sides of the [ ]. Sides of this area are also called the choir.


  5. Mayan civilizationthe capital of the aztec empire on the present site of Mexico City, where according to their legend, an eagle ate a snake and thus designated the location as a holy place.


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