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  1. Czestochowa
  2. Shah Jehan
  3. papal bulls
  4. Aachen
  5. Bayeux Tapestry
  1. a village where Charlemagne moved his capital to.
  2. b Located in Poland. Pilgrimage site famous for visions.
  3. c declarations of truth issued by both Pope Boniface VIII and Phillip IV of France.
  4. d built a tomb for his wife that is widely considered the most beautiful building in the world (Taj Mahal)
  5. e depicts the story of the conflict of William and Harold from William's point of view

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  1. developed about the time that the Olmecs were disappearing and characterized by many seemingly isolated cities, each with temple pyramids and numerous houses.
  2. combination of Bantu with many Arabic words.
  3. located beyond the chancel, is where the altar is located.
  4. a civil state surrounding the city of Rome and the Pope served as its king
  5. The first use of this was with the foot-powered spinning wheel, in which the wheel and spindle were connected by a belt.

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  1. ProcupiusA Byzantine historiam who admired and was terrified by the dome of Hagia Sophia.


  2. Anglo-landa Germanic tribe that took over after Theodoric the Goth


  3. Louis the Piousa series of popular books depicting the behavior of lords, ladies, knights and dragons.


  4. Battle of Hastingsa generally capable administrator who governed the largest Frankish kingdom.


  5. Matrixwas enclosed by a clever little hand asssembled mold.


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