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  1. Henry III of England
  2. Babur the Tiger
  3. Knightly orders
  4. Perotin
  5. Monte Cassino
  1. a orders given to knights to show prestige and power as a result of the crusades.
  2. b one of the composers associated with Notre Dame Cathedral. Was innovate in creating music for four simultaneous voices
  3. c King John's son. Rejected parliament and was thus refused money based on the Magna Carta policies.
  4. d monastery where the Benedictine Rule was written.
  5. e Tamarlane's grandson, invaded and eventually conquered the whole of India with the exception of Goa and the other areas directly under Portuguese control .

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  1. monk who acquainted with the fine preservation work and historical writings of the monks from the area of Northumbria, in England
  2. A Borgia pope who was elected prior to the reunification of the church. He had many mistresses and even bore children from his own illegitimate daughter-- Lucrezia Borgia.
  3. located in the city of Agra, built by Shah Jehan. Walls of the building are of white marble decorated with a floral pattern made of inlaid precious and semi precious stones and gold.
  4. Held in Rome from 1123- 1215. Thrust of the councils was to separate the church from secular influences, such as elimination of the involvement of kings and emperors in the election of the pope and the naming of bishops.
  5. Powerful civilization lived along the southern Nile and dominated the are. They claimed descent from Solomon and the Queen of Sheba

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  1. Scott Thorpeyou need to know what you're looking for when trying to solve a problem, otherwise you'll only find junk.


  2. Otto Iknown as the "investigation of things" and is an attemt to discover the patterns of the world.


  3. St. Crispin's Day speechwhich improved upon the hand held distaff (a rod or staff that collected the yarn as it was being spun.


  4. milletwas the staple crop until it was replaced by rice. This increased the food availability and population.


  5. Joan of Arcwould allow much higher and thinner walls than had previously been possible.


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