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  1. Fibonacci
  2. Montezuma
  3. Boccaccio
  4. Fujiwara clan
  5. Ghibellines
  1. a established themselves as regent over several emperors during the Heian Period through political intrigues and intermarriage,
  2. b those supporting the emperor.
  3. c the Aztec king (many vassal kings hated him)
  4. d one of Petrarch's disciples
  5. e Leonardo Pisano - learned the Arab number system, wrote a book about it and it became standard throughout all of Europe

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  1. went on a trip to China and observed their trading and lifestyles for 20 years. He consolidated his notes and wrote his famous book Travels in prison.
  2. the battle between the Anglo-Saxons and the Britons was took place here.
  3. for those who would continue their studies by following a curriculum of arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music. - These graduates were awarded a Master of Arts degree.
  4. involved the division of the kingdoms to Louis' three sons. (now present day France, Germany, and Italy, and others).
  5. the first barbarian ruler in the west after the fall of the Roman Empire (he was a Goth) - was unloved, had problems with succession, which prompted an invasion from Byzantine (Justinian) - built an awesome church in Ravenna

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  1. Swahili tribesa city on Portugal's southern coast where Prince Henry the Navigator established a school


  2. Angles and the Saxonstwo german tribes that invaded Britain.


  3. Guillaume de Mauchat & Geoffrey Chaucernamed for a district in Kyoto where the government buildings were located. It was during this time that the Portuguese landed in Japan and introduced both Christianity and firearms.


  4. Mayan civilizationdeveloped about the time that the Olmecs were disappearing and characterized by many seemingly isolated cities, each with temple pyramids and numerous houses.


  5. Bartholomew Diaswent around the Cape of Good Hope on the southern tip of Africa


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