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  1. Sagres
  2. Eutychius
  3. Catherine of Siena
  4. pamphlets
  5. Franks
  1. a the patriarch of Constantinople.
  2. b a city on Portugal's southern coast where Prince Henry the Navigator established a school
  3. c a tribe from the coastal region of current Holland and Belgium.
  4. d Known for her ability to mediate conflicts among Italian city-states, she urged the pope to move the center of the curch from Avignon back to Rome.
  5. e contained important texts and became widely circulated throughout Europe.

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  1. areas under a bishop's control from which taxes were collected
  2. issued the official call for a holy crusade to rid the holy land of the Muslims
  3. battle between William of Normandy and Harold Godwinson, near England's southern coast - William faked retreat and was able to win
  4. traveled on sea for two whole years, the longest recorded in history at that time (to India) and brought back spices
  5. monarch who promoted privateers.

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  1. CologneA city located in Germany that was adorned by huge towers and a gothic cathedral.


  2. King Manuel the Fortunateone of the children of King John. came in contact with the riches of Muslim Africa. Led the Portuguese army in the conquest of Cuerta.


  3. Kamukaura Periodarose because of the power of the local lords. A succession crisis in the imperial family set off a short period of uncertainty that was resolved by the two most powerful warrior clans


  4. Siegfried and Brunhildone of the most famous linkage legends of the Arthurian tales. Was told in Das Niebelungenlied.


  5. Popeis the main, large portion of the church (where the Gothic style is most evidentwith high ceilings and wide spans)


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