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  1. Narthex
  2. Canterbury
  3. Spanish Inquisition
  4. Brunhilda
  5. Henry V
  1. a an effort to expose and eliminate those who were Muslims who feigned conversion to Christianity but, in reality, harbored Muslim beliefs.
  2. b queen of the east Frankish Kingdom who declared war on the west when the king of the west murdered his wife (her sister) Galswintha, so he could marry his mistress
  3. c is the entry chamber of cathedral usually located on the west end.
  4. d Located in England (Thomas Becket's burial place) a popular pilgrimage site.
  5. e After seeing apprehension in the faces of troops, he gave a passionate speech that excited and rededicated his soldiers which led to a victory the next day.

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  1. the process of learning from one field and applying it to another.
  2. was a court that was charged with the responsibility of rooting out heresy (incorrect beliefs) and dissent. May have been organized to ensure church authority over doctrines in light of the increasingly strong attempts of kings and emperors to influence all aspects of church procedures and practices.
  3. Located in northern France where King Henry meth the French troops.
  4. derived from the word "Minne" meaning ideal or chivalric love. Minstrels would go around singing songs/poetry of love.
  5. had an excellent reputation for its school of theology.

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  1. Santiago de Compostela(burial site of St. James), most popular pilgrimage site, located toward the northwestern tip of Spain.


  2. Florence(1200-1521) they settled in the valley of Mexico. Grew corn. Engaged in frequent warfare to conquer others of the region. Worshipped many gods (polytheistic). Believed the sun god needed human blood to continue his journeys across the sky. Practiced human sacrifices and those sacrificed were captured warriors from other tribes and those who volunteered for the honor.


  3. Three Kingdoms Perioda time when several legends were born and have strongly affected Chinese culture, much like the legends of King Arthur have contributed to Western culture.


  4. Monte Cassinomonastery where the Benedictine Rule was written.


  5. King Ferdinand and Queen IsabellaSon of wealthy Italian parents, joined a crusade and was captured and held ransom. This event helped him to begin a life of poverty, study and contemplation. He preached that people who would be holy should seek out those needed help and give them aid.


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