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  1. iniquity
  2. abhor
  3. immutable
  4. unabated
  5. infallible
  1. a Continuing, unstopped, undiminished
  2. b Wickedness, gross injustice
  3. c Unerring, unable to make a mistake
  4. d To hate very much to detest
  5. e unchangeable

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  1. To deceive
  2. Evil fame or reputation, public disgrace, dishonor
  3. To conspire, to feign ignorance of another's wrongdoing
  4. Freedom from punishment or harm
  5. Firmly committed, steadfast

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  1. perversityContrariness, the urge to do what is forbidden


  2. unwittingUnknowing, ignorant, unaware


  3. flagrantGlaringly bad, notorious, scandalous


  4. blasphemyIrreverence, an insult to something held sacred


  5. prudenceTo proclaim, to publicly or formally declare something


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