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  1. transgress
  2. unabated
  3. benefactor
  4. abhor
  5. edict
  1. a Continuing, unstopped, undiminished
  2. b To violate a law, to sin
  3. c To hate very much to detest
  4. d One who provides help, especially a gift or donation
  5. e An official decree

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  1. Glaringly bad, notorious, scandalous
  2. Reverent or devout, outwardly reverent or devout
  3. Freedom from punishment or harm
  4. To deceive
  5. Unerring, unable to make a mistake

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  1. iniquityWickedness, gross injustice


  2. calamitydisaster


  3. staunchFirmly committed, steadfast


  4. unwittingUnknowing, ignorant, unaware


  5. blasphemyIrreverence, an insult to something held sacred


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