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  1. Conflict between the sexes during courtship and mating is thought to be common in insects because
  2. What is not important in bed bug reproduction?
  3. Because of his contributions to classification methods this man is often referred to as the father of taxonomy
  4. Change in temperature following death
  5. What is not an official taxonomic rank?
  1. a One sex must shift the risk of reproduction to the other
  2. b Algor mortis
  3. c Ejaculate parasitism
  4. d Clade
  5. e Carolus Linnaeus

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  1. False
  2. Chagas disease
  3. Using the diffusion gradient along a series of branching cuticular tubes
  4. So that offspring will have genetic variation and at least some will survive even if the environment changes
  5. Metazoonoses

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  1. Nuptial giftSimilarity in structure/function in unrelated groups


  2. Pierce's Disease is important in California because it infectsFossilized


  3. The pupal stage is the best stage to target insects if you want to disrupt their life cycleThe fly


  4. The organism with the longest known sperm isIndependent Colonization Model


  5. Extinction also plays a role in traditional island biogeography theory. This is directly related toSize of island


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