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  1. When insects with different Wolbachia status mate, there may be an instance of
  2. Many island faunas show higher than predicted numbers of species because of diversification within island
  3. Pierce's Disease is important in California because it infects
  4. Transfer from parent to offspring is known as
  5. Because of his contributions to classification methods this man is often referred to as the father of taxonomy
  1. a Cytoplasmic Incompatibility
  2. b Grapes
  3. c Vertical transmission
  4. d Carolus Linnaeus
  5. e True

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  1. Similarity in structure/function in unrelated groups
  2. Ornaments used in fighting or courtship displays
  3. Fossilized
  4. A nutrient rich gift given to a female by the male to increase the chances of mating
  5. Chagas disease

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  1. What is not a problem of the Biological Species Concept?Growth requires molting the old exoskeleton and expanded the new exoskeleton


  2. The organism with the longest known sperm isThe fly


  3. What is not a pest termite species in California?Ejaculate parasitism


  4. Nutritional symbionts are not present in which insect?Flies


  5. According to traditional biogeography theory, species diversity is a function of rate of colonization. This is directly related toTrue


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