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  1. BT is a natural occurring bacteria that has been used in genetic engineering to
  2. Many traditional notions of island biogeography are being reconsidered because of phylogenetic data
  3. What are all hexapods?
  4. What is not a problem of the Biological Species Concept?
  5. What is not a pest termite species in California?
  1. a Relies on recognizing a "real" essence of the species
  2. b True
  3. c Kill agricultural pests
  4. d Mound building termite
  5. e Arthropods

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  1. Algor mortis
  2. Cytoplasmic Incompatibility
  3. A nutrient rich gift given to a female by the male to increase the chances of mating
  4. Sentinel chickens
  5. Presumed to be based on an underlying common process

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  1. What does PCR not require?Arthropods


  2. Firefly females that mimic the flash patterns of other species in order to attract and eat males of that species are referred to asMound building termite


  3. Homeotic genesCan be used to understand the timing of diversification


  4. Add the amount of time takes to be an egg, 1st instar, 2nd, 3rd, etc, then multiply by development time temperatureFalse


  5. There are several simple ways to reduce your risk of WNV, what is not one?Avoiding activity during the early afternoon


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