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  1. What is not a mosquito-bourne disease
  2. Nearly all insect transport oxygen to their tissues by
  3. Main morphological difference between ants and termites
  4. What is a characteristic of a natural organismal classification?
  5. Conflict between the sexes during courtship and mating is thought to be common in insects because
  1. a Using the diffusion gradient along a series of branching cuticular tubes
  2. b Chagas disease
  3. c One sex must shift the risk of reproduction to the other
  4. d Termite front and hind wings are equal in size
  5. e Presumed to be based on an underlying common process

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  1. True
  2. Similarity in structure/function in unrelated groups
  3. False
  4. Naturally occurring genes and compounds
  5. Jumping genes, parasitic pieces of DNA, useful tools in insect biotechnology = all of the above

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  1. Strain of pathogen has little or no impact on severity of infectionFossilized


  2. Development stage between moltsPredators


  3. What are all hexapods?Arthropods


  4. What does PCR not require?Building phylogenies


  5. Male insect reproductive success could be best measured byUsing the diffusion gradient along a series of branching cuticular tubes


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