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  1. Sexual reproduction is costly but the reason that so many animals do reproduce sexually is thought to be
  2. Taxonomy does not include
  3. What is the largest (in terms of money spent) single home insect pest in California?
  4. Why are sentinel chickens so effective?
  5. A spermatophore and a nuptial gift are the same thing
  1. a Building phylogenies
  2. b False
  3. c They can become infected with WNV but not pass it to humans
  4. d Termites eating your house
  5. e So that offspring will have genetic variation and at least some will survive even if the environment changes

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  1. False
  2. Three body tagma, one pair of antennae, three pairs of walking legs
  3. Kill agricultural pests
  4. Growth requires molting the old exoskeleton and expanded the new exoskeleton
  5. Vertical transmission

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  1. Main morphological difference between ants and termitesTermite front and hind wings are equal in size


  2. An example of a parasitoidArthropods


  3. When insects with different Wolbachia status mate, there may be an instance ofReducing desiccation


  4. What do plants use to attract insects?Odors, UV reflectance, color = all of the above


  5. HOX genes areDirect transformation of insect genome with DNA


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