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  1. Homeotic genes
  2. In terms of described species, insects account for about how much of taxonomic diversity?
  3. Nuptial gift
  4. Transfer from parent to offspring is known as
  5. What do plants use to attract insects?
  1. a Odors, UV reflectance, color = all of the above
  2. b 80%
  3. c A nutrient rich gift given to a female by the male to increase the chances of mating
  4. d Vertical transmission
  5. e Positioned in the genome in the same order they are expressed, conserved between humans and flies, master controller genes in development and turn on many genes = all of the above

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  1. Kill agricultural pests
  2. Cytoplasmic Incompatibility
  3. Lyme disease
  4. They can become infected with WNV but not pass it to humans
  5. Arranged in the same order in which they are expressed on the animal

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  1. Insects diversity has been driven by a number of factors. One factor isReducing desiccation


  2. Many traditional notions of island biogeography are being reconsidered because of phylogenetic dataTrue


  3. There are several simple ways to reduce your risk of WNV, what is not one?Avoiding activity during the early afternoon


  4. Zoonotic cycles do not includeBuilding phylogenies


  5. Proximity is least important inCluster fly


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