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  1. Why are sentinel chickens so effective?
  2. What is not an official taxonomic rank?
  3. An example of a parasitoid
  4. Leaf cutter ants feed on fungus
  5. Firefly females that mimic the flash patterns of other species in order to attract and eat males of that species are referred to as
  1. a They can become infected with WNV but not pass it to humans
  2. b Clade
  3. c Cluster fly
  4. d Femme Fatales
  5. e True

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  1. Jumping genes, parasitic pieces of DNA, useful tools in insect biotechnology = all of the above
  2. Building phylogenies
  3. Cytoplasmic Incompatibility
  4. Predators
  5. Distance from the mainland

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  1. What is the largest (in terms of money spent) single home insect pest in California?Termites eating your house


  2. What is not a reason insects make excellent model systems?Mound building termite


  3. The organism with the longest known sperm isIndependent Colonization Model


  4. Nuptial giftArranged in the same order in which they are expressed on the animal


  5. There are several simple ways to reduce your risk of WNV, what is not one?Avoiding activity during the early afternoon


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