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  1. Insects diversity has been driven by a number of factors. One factor is
  2. What is not a pest termite species in California?
  3. Many traditional notions of island biogeography are being reconsidered because of phylogenetic data
  4. Nuptial gift
  5. What is not a type of leg modification seen in insects
  1. a Mound building termite
  2. b Coevolution with plants
  3. c True
  4. d Fossilized
  5. e A nutrient rich gift given to a female by the male to increase the chances of mating

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  1. Distance from the mainland
  2. Growth requires molting the old exoskeleton and expanded the new exoskeleton
  3. False
  4. Presumed to be based on an underlying common process
  5. Vertical transmission

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  1. What is not a mosquito-bourne diseaseChagas disease


  2. A factor that does not have an impact on decompositionClade


  3. Zoonoses can be divided into direct andA "dead end" host


  4. Nutritional symbionts are not present in which insect?Helicase


  5. In terms of described species, insects account for about how much of taxonomic diversity?80%


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