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  1. What is not an advantage of the insect exoskeleton?
  2. Leaf cutter ants feed on fungus
  3. Most insects in the home
  4. Because of his contributions to classification methods this man is often referred to as the father of taxonomy
  1. a True
  2. b View your house as an extension of their natural habitat
  3. c Growth requires molting the old exoskeleton and expanded the new exoskeleton
  4. d Carolus Linnaeus

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  1. Using the diffusion gradient along a series of branching cuticular tubes
  2. False
  3. True
  4. Ornaments used in fighting or courtship displays
  5. Metazoonoses

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  1. Phylogenetic treesCan be used to understand the timing of diversification


  2. In terms of described species, insects account for about how much of taxonomic diversity?80%


  3. Many traditional notions of island biogeography are being reconsidered because of phylogenetic dataDistance from the mainland


  4. BT is a natural occurring bacteria that has been used in genetic engineering toKill agricultural pests


  5. Conflict between the sexes during courtship and mating is thought to be common in insects becausePostmortem interval


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