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  1. discussion
  2. abstract
  3. extricate
  1. a 2. exploring solutions; to converse, confer, and communicate for a purpose
  2. b 2. disentangle or remove from hindrance
  3. c 6. to think theoretically [verb]

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  1. 1. in advanced research writing, particularly in a dissertation or master's thesis, the
    section that tells the readers exactly what was found out, in the study or research, purely documenting what was observed or discovered
  2. 1. a noisy exclamation that can be strident, enthusiastic, or simply quite loud
  3. 2. a system, manner, or mode
  4. 1. to defame or dishonor [verb]
  5. 1. trace an outline

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  1. rife1. abundant (extensive, numerous)


  2. literature review1. the first page of a paper or assignment following a specific format, including a
    running head (header) and page number, title of the assignment or work, the author's name, and the school affiliation


  3. hypothesis1. full of joy (merry, amiable)


  4. inscrutable2. mysteriously unfathomable and profound


  5. acumen1. intellectual keenness and good judgment (insight, sharpness, shrewdness)


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