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  1. data
  2. abstract
  3. discredit
  4. delineate
  5. prevalent
  1. a 1. an idea that is not a concrete reality (conceptual) [adjective]
  2. b 2. frequent (rampant, rife)
  3. c 1. to defame or dishonor [verb]
  4. d 1. individual information or a body of information; facts and statistics, figures,
    numbers, and records
  5. e 1. trace an outline

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  1. 1. intellectual keenness and good judgment (insight, sharpness, shrewdness)
  2. 1. the first page of a paper or assignment following a specific format, including a
    running head (header) and page number, title of the assignment or work, the author's name, and the school affiliation
  3. 2. prevalent, widespread (common)
  4. 2. disagreeing (differing)
  5. 1. in advanced research writing, particularly in a dissertation or master's thesis, the section that reiterates the research question and hypothesis (review of the problem),
    presents the research design (overview of the approach), and discusses instruments and procedure to be used (how you will collect data), the data analysis plan (how you will draw conclusions), and the sample size justification (why your sample will be adequate for the research)

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  1. extricate1. anticipate, provide for, and alleviate, as in getting rid of an argument's objection or a
    potential problem (avert)


  2. discredit1. opposite


  3. methods/methodology2. a system, manner, or mode


  4. discrepant2. to debunk or prove as not true [verb]


  5. obviate2. carefree (unconcerned, unthinking)


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