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  1. inscrutable
  2. discredit
  3. abstract
  4. hypothesis
  5. eulogy
  1. a 1. a speech in praise of a person who has died (tribute)
  2. b 2. a supposition (assumption, guess, premise, theory)
  3. c 2. theoretical [adjective]
  4. d 1. evidence that is impenetrable
  5. e 2. to debunk or prove as not true [verb]

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  1. 6. to think theoretically [verb]
  2. 2. exploring solutions; to converse, confer, and communicate for a purpose
  3. 1. anticipate, provide for, and alleviate, as in getting rid of an argument's objection or a
    potential problem (avert)
  4. 1. Something that is out of time, belonging in another time
  5. 2. sketch out, diagram out, define, or make an outline for content

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  1. extricate2. disentangle or remove from hindrance


  2. hypothesis1. full of joy (merry, amiable)


  3. penchant1. relevant and connected to the point (pertinent, related to)


  4. delineate1. trace an outline


  5. discrepant5. lack of belief [noun]


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