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  1. stray animals
  2. faucet
  3. pee , urine
  4. eat loudly, eating noises
  5. took a break
  1. a (소리내어 먹다, 시끄럽게 먹다)
  2. b (잠시 휴식을 취하자, 쉬었다 하자),
  3. c ...
  4. d (소변)
  5. e (길 잃은 동물들)

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  1. ...
  2. 사춘기, the time during which young people reach sexual maturity
  3. (독실한) devoted to divine worship or service
  4. (무작위 선택)
  5. (양날의 검) it means someone / something have different sides which could be bad or good.

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  1. adolescence(빽뺵한) something or time are very tighten


  2. (the year before last)(쉬자)


  3. I respect ....(나는...자랑스럽게 여겼다)


  4. I'd rather not say(언행일치言行一致) - To do what you say you will do


  5. I've got your back-a polite way to respond when you don't want to not answer a question


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