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  1. Which of the following is a selective-serotonin-reuptake-inhibitor
  2. At one time, disordered people were simply warehoused in asylums. These were replaced with psychiatric hospitals in which attempts were made to diagnose and cure those with psychological disorders. This best illustrates one of the beneficial consequences of
  3. Mrs. Higgins believes that aliens from another planet have removed her stomach and are watching her to see how long it takes her to grow another one. Mrs. Higgins is most likely suffering from
  4. Brian often interrupts his teacher while she is speaking and frequently forgets to complete his homework assignments. He also has difficulty taking turns in playground games with classmates. Brian most likely shows symoptoms of
  5. Minor tranquilizer drugs are also called
  1. a antianxiety drugs
  2. b Prozac
  3. c schizophrenia
  4. d ADHD
  5. e the medical model

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  1. five-factor model
  2. panic disorder
  3. increases, increases
  4. obsessive-compulsive disorder
  5. conversion disorder

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  1. Marcy believes that the outcome of athletic contestants depends so much on luck that it hardly pays to put any effort into her own athletic training. Her belief most clearly illustratesschizophrenia


  2. . Carl Jung emphasized the importance of ________ in personality functioning.agreeableness


  3. Humanistic psychology has been most closely associated with an emphasis on the importance ofa positive self-concept


  4. If a patient suffers uncontrollable seizures, physicians can destroy specific nerve clusters that cause or transmit the convulsions. This best illustrates a procedure known aspsychosurgery


  5. One of the Big Five personality factors isthe most pervasive characteristics of one's personality


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