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  1. Schizophrenia may involve imbalances in which neurotransmitter system
  2. Oxygen deprivation at the time of birth is a known risk factor for
  3. One of the Big Five personality factors is
  4. Minor tranquilizer drugs are also called
  5. The diathesis-stress model is an example of which model of abnormal behavior
  1. a schizophrenia
  2. b agreeableness
  3. c biopsychosocial
  4. d dopamine
  5. e antianxiety drugs

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  1. unconscious wishes
  2. Prozac
  3. panic disorder
  4. viral infections
  5. the medical model

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  1. In Allport's view, cardinal traits areagreeableness


  2. The role of repressed childhood conflicts in personality disorders is most clearly emphasized by the ________ perspective.psychoanalytic


  3. Mrs. Higgins believes that aliens from another planet have removed her stomach and are watching her to see how long it takes her to grow another one. Mrs. Higgins is most likely suffering fromschizophrenia


  4. Physical complaints that cannot be explained medically are characteristic ofsomatoform disorders


  5. Which technique would psychologists use to assess whether a cluster of characteristics that includes ambition, determination, persistence, and self-reliance reflects a single personality trait?somatoform disorders


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