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  1. Hermann Rorschach introduced what has become the most widely used ________ test.
  2. The relationship between the season of the year in which people are born and their subsequent risk of schizophrenia best highlights the role of ________ in this disorder.
  3. The diathesis-stress model is an example of which model of abnormal behavior
  4. Brian often interrupts his teacher while she is speaking and frequently forgets to complete his homework assignments. He also has difficulty taking turns in playground games with classmates. Brian most likely shows symoptoms of
  5. Which of the following is an example of an anxiety disorder
  1. a viral infections
  2. b ADHD
  3. c biopsychosocial
  4. d phobia
  5. e projective

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  1. psychosurgery
  2. agreeableness
  3. serotonin and norepinephrine
  4. increases, increases
  5. dopamine

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  1. Waxy flexibility is a feature of the _____ type of schizophreniacatatonic


  2. Mr. Hoffman has always been cautious with his money, but over the past two weeks he has developed grandiose plans to bet his entire life savings on a single horse race. With unrestrained exuberance he has also been giving everybody he sees unsolicited advice on how to make millions in the stock market. Mr. Hoffman's behavior is most indicative ofmania


  3. Which of the following is a selective-serotonin-reuptake-inhibitorphobia


  4. Freud thought that the part of a dream that we remember is a censored version ofremoval of sections of bone from the skull


  5. In Allport's view, cardinal traits areagreeableness


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