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  1. Abraham Maslow suggested that individuals who are open, spontaneous, and not paralyzed by others' opinions illustrate
  2. Waxy flexibility is a feature of the _____ type of schizophrenia
  3. Minor tranquilizer drugs are also called
  4. Physical complaints that cannot be explained medically are characteristic of
  5. The most widely adopted trait model of personality today is the
  1. a five-factor model
  2. b antianxiety drugs
  3. c catatonic
  4. d self-actualization
  5. e somatoform disorders

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  1. biopsychosocial
  2. conversion disorder
  3. projective
  4. Miranda, who experiences periods of extreme sadness followed by episodes of optimistic overexcitement
  5. phobia

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  1. . Carl Jung emphasized the importance of ________ in personality functioning.the collective unconscious


  2. Marcy believes that the outcome of athletic contestants depends so much on luck that it hardly pays to put any effort into her own athletic training. Her belief most clearly illustratesan external locus of control


  3. During her weekly therapy sessions, Sabrina will often abruptly shift the focus of her attention and lose her train of thought. A psychoanalyst would suggest that this illustratesphobia


  4. Symptoms that may be misperceived as a heart attack are most characteristic ofpanic disorder


  5. The role of repressed childhood conflicts in personality disorders is most clearly emphasized by the ________ perspective.psychoanalytic


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