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  1. Travail
  2. Commandeer
  3. Harried
  4. Restitution
  5. Ardor
  1. a passion
  2. b making good for loss or damage, repayment
  3. c to take control of by force
  4. d tormented, harassed
  5. e a painful effort

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  1. noisy merrymaking, festivity
  2. the act of being in serious, reflective thought
  3. deserving of scorn, despicable
  4. marked by trembling or shaking
  5. in a hateful way

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  1. Assuagea painful effort


  2. Implacableimpossible to soothe, unforgiving


  3. Appalledto be filled with dismay, horrified


  4. Adversarya hardship, great misfortune


  5. Profusiona large supply, abundance


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