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  1. voluminous
  2. commodious
  3. officious
  4. reprehensible
  5. attainment
  1. a meddling; excessively forward in offering services or assuming authority
  2. b an accomplishment, the act of achieving
  3. c deserving blame or punishment
  4. d of great size; numerous; writing or speaking at great length
  5. e roomy, spacious

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  1. proud and contemptuous; showing scorn because of a feeling of superiority
  2. skillful, nimble
  3. a remedy for all ills; cure-all; an answer to all problems
  4. marked by honor, courtesy, and courage; knightly
  5. to erase, obliterate, destroy

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  1. redressto set right, remedy; relief from wrong or injury


  2. precedentan example that may serve as a basis for imitation or later action


  3. negligibleunconquerable, refusing to yield


  4. reiterateto turn away; to make indifferent or hostile; to transfer, convey


  5. gapeto think about in a dreamy way, ponder


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