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  1. Flat Collars best for
  2. notching
  3. clipping
  4. Regulation
  5. If machine is not working
  1. a is on an outward curve so that it can lay flat. removes excess fabric.
  2. b on an insider curve, so that it can stretch to flat better.
  3. c 1.7 - 2.4 mm or 10-14 spi
  4. d check the threading, and if the needle and bobbin/ bobbin case are in correctly. Then check tension.
  5. e bias binding

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  1. sew wrong sides together. Trim one down to 1/4 and fold the other under. Sew so that the larger, folded edge covers the raw trimed edge.
  2. Crosswise yarn; semi stable. Hangs across the body. determines the weave.
  3. press at 1/4 and then sew at 1/4
  4. reinforce areas that will be clipped
  5. #4. lengthen to 1 1/2 and stitch so that the edge of the curve goes over the fabric.

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  1. unlike curvesblind stitch on the machine #7.


  2. trimmingcutting to shorter lengths. We do this to reduce reduce bulk. Usually paired with grading.


  3. blind hemon an insider curve, so that it can stretch to flat better.


  4. hamdarts and curves


  5. Biasdarts and curves


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