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  1. clean finish
  2. serpentine
  3. Regulation
  4. stitch and pink
  5. clipping
  1. a #4. lengthen to 1 1/2 and stitch so that the edge of the curve goes over the fabric.
  2. b on an insider curve, so that it can stretch to flat better.
  3. c sew at 5/8. pressed under at 1/4 and stitched less than an 1/8
  4. d 1.7 - 2.4 mm or 10-14 spi
  5. e stitch at 1/4 and then pink the edge.

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  1. collars
  2. sleeves or board
  3. bias binding
  4. lengthwise yarn; most stable direction. Hangs lengthwise on the body. On the loom first.
  5. 3-4 mm 6-8 spi

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  1. Techniques to make rolled collars behave properly when wornby pulling out the facing edge to make the turn of cloth. aka favoring the edge. Trim and grade properly. Press the seam open before flipping it around.


  2. flat felledsew wrong sides together. Trim one down to 1/4 and fold the other under. Sew so that the larger, folded edge covers the raw trimed edge.


  3. blind hemblind stitch on the machine #7.


  4. ham2.4-3 mm or 8-10 spi


  5. notchingcutting to shorter lengths. We do this to reduce reduce bulk. Usually paired with grading.


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