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  1. Edna
  2. Alicia
  3. Geraldo
  4. Mamacita
  5. Minerva
  1. a scared of mice; suspicious abuse
  2. b marin met him at a dance, doesn't really know him that well but he was killed in a hit in run accident
  3. c poetry writer
  4. d Ruthies mom,, throw out, very childish
  5. e fat lady, doesn't come out bc she doesnt know English and she fears it

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  1. grocery store man
  2. busts Esperanza for eating at school
  3. named after her, horse woman (born), wild and wouldn't marry until her husband through a sack over her head and threw her off
  4. Esperanza's brothers
  5. night shifts, see only if yells

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  1. Oriental manpsychic, palm reader, tells home in heart


  2. Meme Ortizpoetry writer


  3. Lucy and RachelEsperanza's neighbors and share red bike


  4. bum-manasked him if he likes shoes; compliments


  5. Louiethrows pennies at Esperanza


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