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  1. This Virgina settler married and experiments with growing tobacco in the colony.
  2. To which region did families immigrate to: Chesapeake Bay or New England?
  3. Because the Pilgrims broke all ties to the Church of England, what are they also called?
  4. What were two early example of colonial participation in government?
  5. What did the Mayflower Compact provide a foundation for?
  1. a self-government
  2. b Separatists
  3. c New England town meeting and the Virginia House of Burgesses
  4. d New England
  5. e John Rolfe

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  1. Increase Mather
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Jonathan Edwards
  4. proprietary colony
  5. Puritans

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  1. What was the first genuine unified movement of the American colonists?self-government


  2. He led an uprising in New York in the name of King William IV against the Anglo-Dutch ruling elite.Jacob Leisler


  3. Which region was more successful: the Chesapeake Bay or New England?Jonathan Edwards


  4. This law allowed freedom of worship for all Christians in Maryland to keep the peace between Catholics and Protestants there.give away land belonging to the Indians


  5. How did the Virginia Company attract new settlers to its colony after 1609?self-government


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