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  1. Which region was more successful: the Chesapeake Bay or New England?
  2. He led about 1000 Puritans to America in 1630 and was elected the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony.
  3. Which of the following colonies required each community of 50 or more families to provide a teacher of reading and writing?
  4. Mostly young and single European immigrants who entered into work contracts for a specified period of years in exchange for free passage to America and sometimes a promise of land at the end of the contract.
  1. a John Winthrop
  2. b indentured servants
  3. c New England
  4. d Massachusetts

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  1. the will of the majority
  2. church membership
  3. Jacob Leisler
  4. Separatists
  5. Nathaniel Bacon

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  1. What did the Maryland Toleration Act of 1649 provided toleration for?most Christian churches


  2. What did Roger William oppose that the king of England did?give away land belonging to the Indians


  3. How did 17th century English settlers of New England differed from those in Virginia?most Christian churches


  4. What emerged as a cash crop that caused Jamestown to survive as the first permanent British settlement in America?tobacco


  5. The colony of New Jersey was run as a privately owned estate. What was this kind of colony called?John Rolfe


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