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  1. What was a man's right to vote for governor and members of the General Court inn 17c Massachusetts based on?
  2. This law allowed freedom of worship for all Christians in Maryland to keep the peace between Catholics and Protestants there.
  3. A prominent humanitarian, he led a group of settlers and helped found the colony of Georgia in 1732.
  4. He led an uprising in New York in the name of King William IV against the Anglo-Dutch ruling elite.
  5. This was used in Virginia to encourage immigration by giving 50 acres of land to any settler who brought a servant.
  1. a church membership
  2. b headright system
  3. c Act of Toleration
  4. d James Oglethorpe
  5. e Jacob Leisler

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  1. New England
  2. antinomianism
  3. New England
  4. Nathaniel Bacon
  5. could

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  1. Did most English settlers have a feeling of respect, hostility, or superiority towards the Indians?John Rolfe


  2. Were New England and the West Indies interdependent or separate from each other?interdependent


  3. The name given to any prominent Englishman to whom the king granted vast areas of land in colonial North America.proprietor


  4. How did 17th century English settlers of New England differed from those in Virginia?living in tightly clustered communities.


  5. What did the Mayflower Compact provide a foundation for?most Christian churches


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