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  1. Who was one of the earliest advocates for religious freedom in American history?
  2. What emerged as a cash crop that caused Jamestown to survive as the first permanent British settlement in America?
  3. Because the Pilgrims broke all ties to the Church of England, what are they also called?
  4. He led an uprising in New York in the name of King William IV against the Anglo-Dutch ruling elite.
  5. This adventurer instituted military discipline and perhaps saved the Virginia colony at Jamestown.
  1. a tobacco
  2. b John Smith
  3. c Jacob Leisler
  4. d Separatists
  5. e Roger Williams

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  1. Pilgrims
  2. proprietor
  3. superiority
  4. The Great Awakening
  5. New England town meeting and the Virginia House of Burgesses

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  1. The colony of New Jersey was run as a privately owned estate. What was this kind of colony called?John Rolfe


  2. How did the Virginia Company attract new settlers to its colony after 1609?self-government


  3. In the original 13 colonies, were slaves treated as property or citizens?property


  4. English Protestants who wished not only to rid the Church of England of its Catholic traditions, but also to reform English society; they came to New England to set up a model community as an example to the rest of Europe.Separatists


  5. He led a rebellion in Virginia against the autocratic government of Lord Berkeley in the late 17th century.Jacob Leisler


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