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  1. genes
  2. XY
  3. homozygous
  4. dominant
  5. Wilkins and Franklin
  1. a a male human being
  2. b an organism that has two dominant or recessive alleles is said to be this for that trait
  3. c if this allele is present its trait will appear in the organism
  4. d factors that control traits
  5. e used Xray diffraction to create images of the DNA spiral shape

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  1. an organisms genetic makeup
  2. physical characteristics that are studied in genetics
  3. a carrier is a person who has one of these alleles for a trait
  4. produces cells with half the normal number of chromosomes
  5. scientists call an organism that has two different alleles for a trait this

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  1. true-breedingwill always produce offspring with the same trait as the parent


  2. asexual reproductiontwo parent cells join together to form a new individual


  3. sexual reproductiononly one parent cell is needed for reproduction; usually used in prokaryotic cells (bacteria)


  4. heterozygousan organism has two different alleles for a trait


  5. allelesdifferent forms of the same gene


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