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  1. phenotype
  2. sexual reproduction
  3. sperm and egg
  4. true-breeding
  5. gene
  1. a two parent cells join together to form a new individual
  2. b an organisms physical appearance
  3. c will always produce offspring with the same trait as the parent
  4. d sex cells
  5. e in pea plants, this tall-stem allele and short-stem allele are different forms of the same ?

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  1. produces cells with half the normal number of chromosomes
  2. an organism that has two dominant or recessive alleles is said to be this for that trait
  3. physical characteristics that are studied in genetics
  4. if this allele is present its trait will appear in the organism
  5. a carrier is a person who has one of these alleles for a trait

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  1. Watson and Cricksex cells


  2. probabilityphysical characteristics that are studied in genetics


  3. heterozygousan organism has two different alleles for a trait


  4. Wilkins and Franklinused Xray diffraction to create images of the DNA spiral shape


  5. genotypean organisms genetic makeup


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