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  1. All draft beer. LIT or grateful dead; bloody marys or margaritas; mixed drinks ordered tall
  2. High Alcohol
  3. a sweet colored liquid; beer before hops or fermentation
  4. All straight up shots of one liquor; Irish Car Bomb
  5. Most drinks with one liquor plus a fountain mixer; any single liquor served "on the rocks"

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  1. Pitcher (64oz)All draft pitchers and margarita pitchers


  2. Large Rocks (12oz)Mixed drinks with juice or Full Throttle; any drink that has more than two liquors


  3. Goblet (11oz)All draft pitchers and margarita pitchers


  4. Snifter (8oz)All draft pitchers and margarita pitchers


  5. Alcohol By Volume (ABV)how much alcohol is in the beverage


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