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  1. (adjective) changeable, unpredictable [SYN: impulsive, flighty, erratic]

  2. (noun) one who is concerned mainly with self-examination and one's own inner life rather than with others [SYN: shy, self-observer, recluse]

  3. (adverb) mockingly bitter or scornful; sarcastic [SYN: cynical, taunting, caustic]

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  1. supercilious (soo pur SIL ee us)
    (adverb) scornfully looking down on others; disrespectfully superior [SYN: arrogant, haughty (HAW tee), condescending]


  2. amazon (AM uh zon)
    (noun) difficult or unbeatable opponent [SYN: downfall, destruction, retaliation]


  3. procrastinate (pro KRAS tuh nate)
    (verb) put off until later [SYN: delay, postpone, defer (dih FUR)]


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