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  1. epitome
  2. eschew
  3. ephermal
  4. edify
  5. desiccated
  1. a to keep away from; to avoid; to shun
  2. b lasting only a brief time; short-lived
  3. c a typical example; a condensed account
  4. d dried up
  5. e improve someone morally

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  1. confined to a particular country or area
  2. contemptible, hateful
  3. a supposed remedy for all ailments
  4. a crown
  5. an understanding of another's feelings

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  1. egregiouscomical; jocular; flippant


  2. effetea sad or mournful poem


  3. emendationa correction


  4. elicitto draw forth; to call forth


  5. elegyimprove someone morally


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