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  1. endemic
  2. elucidate
  3. erotic
  4. facetious
  5. desultory
  1. a to make clear
  2. b comical; jocular; flippant
  3. c confined to a particular country or area
  4. d pertaining to sexual love
  5. e wandering from subject to subject

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  1. boredom; a weariness resulting from a lack of interest
  2. to turn aside
  3. to weaken
  4. to come forth; to send forth
  5. a correction

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  1. elegya sad or mournful poem


  2. diaphanousvery sheer and light


  3. eclecticchoosing from various sources


  4. ergotherefore


  5. elixirto draw forth; to call forth


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