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  1. accuracy
  2. transition elements
  3. 6.022 x 10^23
  4. conversion factor
  5. francium
  1. a what name is sometimes used to refer to the entire set of d-block elements?
  2. b Avogadro's number
  3. c a ratio of equivalent measurements
  4. d which of the following elements has the largest atomic radius?
  5. e a measure of how close a measurement comes to the true value of what is being measured

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  1. states that if two or more different compounds are comosed of the same two elements, then the ratio of the masses of the second element combined with a certain mass of the first element is always a ratio of small whole numbers
  2. a particle of electromagnetic radiation having zero mass and carrying a quantum of energy
  3. in the modern periodic table, elements are arranged according to _________
  4. the distance between corresponding points adjacent waves
  5. A ________ of energy is the minimum quantity of energy that can be lost or gained by an atom.

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  1. MendeleevD-block elements are


  2. systemwhat color light has the longest wavelength?


  3. 3.00 x 10^8 m/sAvogadro's number


  4. neutralwhat color light has the longest wavelength?


  5. photoelectric effectLondon dispersion forces are the result of the movement of ___________


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