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  1. theory
  2. Mendeleev
  3. bond energy
  4. polar
  5. least precise
  1. a the energy required to break a bond between two covalently bonded atoms
  2. b In general, a calculated answer cannot be more precise than the ________ measurement form which it was calculated.
  3. c a broad generalization that explains a body of facts or phenomena.
  4. d the first periodic table was published by_______
  5. e when one atom has a higher electronegativity than the other a _________ covalent bond will result

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  1. the energy released when one mole of an ionic crystalline compound is formed from gaseous ions
  2. the energy change that occurs when an electron is acquired by a neutral atom
  3. a specific portion of matter in a given region of space that has been selected for study during an experiment or observation.
  4. the elements in group 1 are known as the
  5. what color light has the longest wavelength?

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  1. electromagnetic radiationhydrogen bonding can occur when hydrogen is covalently bonded to a highly ________ atom


  2. covalent bondjoins atoms together by sharing electrons


  3. cationthe smallest particle of an element that retains the chemical properties of that element


  4. dipolecreated by equal but opposite charges that are separated by a short distance


  5. neutralelectrons are shared equally in __________ covalent bonds


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