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  1. Graphite
  2. Linear Perspective
  3. Gesture
  4. Line Gesture
  5. Two- Pont Perspective
  1. a Interior forms made with lines.
  2. b Linear perspective drawing using two vabishing points.
  3. c Greasy natural carbon.
  4. d An quick all-encompassing sketch meant to show action and placement.
  5. e Type of drawing that shows depth or space on a two- dimensional surface by using a horizon line and vanishing points.

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  1. Having height, width, and length.
  2. Line that shows not just the outline of a form but the inside as well.
  3. The light "thrown" back onto a shaddowed surface from an illuminated object.
  4. Drawing done without looking at your paper.
  5. Colors achieved by mixing all three primary colors together.

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  1. MiddlegroundMiddle location in a picture that is immediately behind the foreground and is less detailed.


  2. CompositionThe organizational or arrangement of the art elements in a pictorial space.


  3. SecondaryLine that shows not just the outline of a form but the inside as well.


  4. TintsColors made by adding whites.


  5. Picture PlaneShading technique using dots to create value.


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