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  1. Complementary
  2. Balance
  3. Blind Contour
  4. Medium
  5. Cross Hatch
  1. a Material used to make a work of art.
  2. b Maintaining visual eqillibrium.
  3. c Color schemes where colors are located opposite from each other on the color wheel.
  4. d Drawing done without looking at your paper.
  5. e Overlapping parallel lines.

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  1. Middle location in a picture that is immediately behind the foreground and is less detailed.
  2. Colors made by mixing two primary colors together: orange, green, violet.
  3. Line that shows not just the outline of a form but the inside as well.
  4. Colors made by adding whites.
  5. Connects two or more points together.

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  1. Low LightsThe area of the most reflected light.


  2. ValueRefers to light and dark areas.


  3. GradiationGreasy natural carbon.


  4. Eye levelAn imaginary horizontal line that is even in height with your eyes.


  5. One- Point PerspectiveLinear persepctive drawing with one vanishing point.


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