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  1. Variety
  2. Emphasis
  3. Gradiation
  4. Linear Perspective
  5. Graphite
  1. a Type of drawing that shows depth or space on a two- dimensional surface by using a horizon line and vanishing points.
  2. b Gradual change in value.
  3. c Greasy natural carbon.
  4. d Area in a work of art that attracts the viewer's attention.
  5. e Combining one or more elements to create interest.

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  1. An organization of a color that works together.
  2. Line that shows not just the outline of a form but the inside as well.
  3. The arrangement or elements and princibles with media to create a feeling of oneness or wholeness.
  4. Using a tighter network of lines to capture a quick drawing.
  5. Color schemes where colors are located opposite from each other on the color wheel.

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  1. Reflected LightThe light "thrown" back onto a shaddowed surface from an illuminated object.


  2. IntermediateRefers to the strength or purity of the color.


  3. CompositionThe organizational or arrangement of the art elements in a pictorial space.


  4. Sustained GestureInterior forms made with lines.


  5. SecondaryColors made by mixing two primary colors together: orange, green, violet.


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