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  1. Blind Contour
  2. Shades
  3. Composition
  4. Middleground
  5. Graphite
  1. a Greasy natural carbon.
  2. b Drawing done without looking at your paper.
  3. c Colors with black added.
  4. d The organizational or arrangement of the art elements in a pictorial space.
  5. e Middle location in a picture that is immediately behind the foreground and is less detailed.

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  1. Shaddows created by forms and shapes.
  2. The area of the most reflected light.
  3. Using a tighter network of lines to capture a quick drawing.
  4. Combining one or more elements to create interest.
  5. Interior forms made with lines.

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  1. TextureAn quick all-encompassing sketch meant to show action and placement.


  2. StipplingShading technique using dots to create value.


  3. UnityCombining one or more elements to create interest.


  4. NeutralColors achieved by mixing all three primary colors together.


  5. LineColors made by adding whites.


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