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  1. Gesture
  2. Mass Gesture
  3. Value
  4. Color
  5. Distortion
  1. a Derived from reflected light.
  2. b An quick all-encompassing sketch meant to show action and placement.
  3. c Drawing medium meant to show broad strokes and the weight of the form.
  4. d To stretch or deform something.
  5. e Refers to light and dark areas.

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  1. Lines going in only one direction.
  2. Color scheme with three or more colors located directly next to each other on the color wheel.
  3. Decorative visual repetition.
  4. Shading technique using dots to create value.
  5. An imaginary horizontal line that is even in height with your eyes.

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  1. HighlightsThe area of least reflected light.


  2. FormThree- dimensional and encloses space.


  3. Three- DimensionalHaving height, width, and length.


  4. UnityThe arrangement or elements and princibles with media to create a feeling of oneness or wholeness.


  5. ShapeColors with black added.


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